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My Hands on Review of the Oukitel U18 Face ID iPhone X Clone

My review of the Oukitel U18 iPhone X Clone and how I ended up buying it!

Towards the back end of 2017 I treated myself to a mobile phone upgrade and looked at the best options available to me.

As a blogger, wannabe vlogger and a lover of Instagram I’m looking for a phone based on the camera and a good operating system that can give me the power to edit images and video when I wanted. I eventually opted to leave Apple and went with the very powerful Note 8 with a Samsung DEX which basically allows you to plug it into a TV and work seamlessly. My experience was amazing once I got used to the intricacies of Android but moving all of my photos and files across to Google Drive and Photos really made that move for me.

And then I was a Dick! With a capital D.

As one that doesn’t go out much anymore on the way home for a Christmas party I fell asleep and to cut a long story short lost my phone, somehow. The worse bit is I said when I bought it that I don’t need the full insurance because how could I lose something the size of a brick. How wrong I was! I limped through Christmas with a cheap android phone that had concrete for a touch screen, pin hole camera on the back and it really didn’t do much. But then on Engadget I saw that there was going to be a iPhone X clone that on paper sounds amazing. Face unlock, dual camera with bokeh effect, decent front facing (for the selfied of course), lots of RAM and the notch. Yep the iPhone X notch at the top. It also has USBC that meant I could use all the expensive and redundant Note 8. Best part was it’s £120 but I had to use a site I’ve never used before to buy it. Hmmmmm. I took the risk. After 20 days, I received the Oukitel U18 and was instantly amazed. It looks stunning and the camera is actually really good. Here’s a few shots with the multiple cameras: The screen is good enough resolution for my old eyes and it’s a smooth operator with enough power to tick over on a day to day basis. The notch is used phenomenally well with some of the Android features of the Note 8 being included such as virtual home/back buttons and the time sits perfect in one of the notches.  

So what’s wrong?

Since filming the video I’ve found out that the USBC port is recessed too far in for my accessories/cables to work. I have no idea what to do if my cable breaks. The Bluetooth isn’t multi connector which is a shame. There’s no NFC or IP rating. I miss watching Netflix while in the bath. The speaker isn’t the best.  

But it was £120.

Cheap isn’t the best reason I’m going to be using this until my contract is up but having had so many things happen at home, it’s one of the reasons it’s going to be staying. I love the face unlock when it works and I’m not sure on it’s effectiveness at keeping my phone secure. The notch is effective and it means I can add more to my screen knowing the time is up top. It’s gorgeous and because it’s only £120 I’m scared but not worried about adding a £40 case like I did on the Note 8 so I can keep it slim with a nice buffer protector. The phone is decent, it’s got it’s faults but at £120, you could buy one every two months over the same contract length as an iPhone X. I was such an idiot to lose my phone but I’ve found something that meets my needs for now.]]>

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