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Cutting Edge Technology to Make Mortgage Applications Childsplay with #Nuvo

Inside I’m still 18. Inside I still have spare time and spare money for clothes shopping, lad’s holidays and long relaxing trips to the barbers. I’m not though. I’m 34 with a wife, 2 daughters and a mortgage. I barely have enough spare time to sleep and I have expenses that 18 years old me never even knew existed! My trips to barbers now include less time in the areas it used to and now time on places I didn’t know hair grew. Living down south for the first 25 years of my life I never imagined I’d be a homeowner so I never really looked into the process. This didn’t help us when Rachel and I decided to buy our house at all, I didn’t know where to start. We’d work long hours in the day and then sit in bed at night, faces lit up by phone screens, reading everything we could about different types of mortgages, providers, rates, surveys…

It was mind-boggling. 

In the end, we had no choice and decided to visit a broker. Someone with the knowledge and experience to “Make it Happen”. We called a few banks and booking appointments between 11-1, three weeks in the future didn’t float our boat and we went with an advisor from our local agency. We really liked Laura, the woman we chose. She provided us with insightful knowledge but involving a stranger in such personal conversations opened us up to another set of questions. Is this person trustworthy? Do they give impartial advice? Will they do a good job? I’m skeptical and I know that nobody does anything for free. Especially in a small agency round the corner. We can’t be getting the best deal! Aside from being a little uncomfortable, our meetings with the mortgage broker were inconvenient. We both had to take time away from work to visit her and keep things moving along. Her fees added to our costs considerably and despite having great credit, there seemed to be a lot of back and forth and waiting for decisions from unnamed powers. In the evenings when we had time to regroup, we wanted to ask questions, apply for mortgages, crunch numbers, but outside of office hours we were alone. Being an early adopter of technology, it felt a very backward step in the house buying process. It seems mad that in a time when you can search millions of houses, filtering by the number of toilets, energy rating, size of the garden or see the house prices for the neighbors, how wasn’t a way for me to hunt down the best mortgage in a way I’d wanted to.  With the rise of fintech’s, the public awareness of mobile security and adoption of companies in mobile-first platforms I think we’ve found the solution that 30yr old me wanted. Nuvo! Taking the power of AI, Nuvo is the first digital mortgage broker to provide you with a full mortgage application in less than 15 minutes any time of the day utilising the first AI chatbot to help you through the journey! I know right, we’re living in the future. For those that aren’t early adopters like Mrs P, there are a team of humans ready and waiting at any time to provide you with the expert advice. Best thing is, it’s completely FEE FREE! Yep, zero fees. It gives you full control over the process to save and return at any time. I can see this being the end of the face to face broker. Here’s a quick video of me getting a quote on a mortgage, it’s so easy! Why pay £1000 for a great deal in a time that suits them, jumping through hoops along the way when you can get a mortgage or re-mortgage at the click of a button with no constraints. In the past I’ve become frustrated with technology however, the Nuvo chatbot has a sentiment analysis tool to highlight when you’re getting frustrated and to switch you to a human! With such an intuitive process, for me, I never needed to speak to anyone so didn’t get to test this. It’s absolutely amazing though and I wish I could auto connect to tech support when my laptop stops working 5 minutes before a deadline 🙂 It really is an amazing tool for anyone who’s found a property to buy or those looking for a re-mortgage on their existing home. For newbies, this should the starting point for everyone looking to buy their first home. I challenge anyone to resist the urge to move after 5 minutes on Nuvo.co.uk  ]]>

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