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Getting Your Kids into Sports

Do your kids spend hours and hours sitting in front of tablets and games consoles? Never wanting to go outdoors or play with their friends? Do you find yourself in the tricky situation of desperately wanting to enforce screen time rules, but turning to them as a babysitter when you need to get things done or just want a bit of peace? Do you feel terribly guilty and worried about their health? Well, firstly, know that you aren’t alone. Research shows that children between 5 and 16 are spending an average of six and a half hours a day in front of a screen and that even children as young as 2 have regular access to devices and the internet.   You should also know that this isn’t as bad as it sounds. Today’s children are growing up in a different world. Being comfortable with the internet and technology will help them to carve out a successful like in a world that will be filled with it. To an extent, they need this screen time to develop in today’s society. The only issue is balance. Screens should be a part of a balanced childhood. One great way to find the right balance is with sports. Children with an active interest in sports are more likely to spend less time on screens and more time outdoors playing with their friends. They are learning healthy habits that will help to keep them fit for years to come. But, how to encourage a love of sports when YouTube is so tempting? Let’s take a look.   Make it Fun   The worst thing that you can do when trying to encourage your kids to get into sports is trying to force them. Instead, show them how much fun it can be. Show them trendy accessories like SafeJawz mouthguards and take them to the park for a kickabout.   Try New Things   At school, your child is probably exposed to much the same sports as you were, namely, footballs, rugby, hockey, netball and cricket, with maybe a few extras thrown in. If they don’t enjoy these sports, they might be reluctant to pursue sport as a hobby. But, there is so much more out there. Take the time to take them swimming, ice skating and hiking. Check out what’s on offer at your local community centre or sports centre. Keep an open mind, ignore gender bias and get out there trying new things together.   Praise Them   If your child isn’t a naturally gifted athlete, they might want to give up. But, remind them that you don’t have to be a pro to have fun. Praise their achievements, make them feel good about themselves, and remind them that it can just be a casual hobby that they enjoy. Don’t push them to be competitive if that’s not what they want.   Remember, children need fun. If they enjoy something, they are much more likely to stick with it and put down their tablet to do it. So, think outside the box, try new things and find something that they love doing, even if they’re not the best at it. ]]>

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