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Reviewing Cocoon™ – The A.I. Powered Smart Home Security Camera System or Rupert!

Imagine my confusion when one Saturday morning, at the top of her voice Dorothy said “good morning Rupert”, right outside our bedroom door.

Well she said “gu mornin wooopert” but I knew what she meant.  What I didn’t know was who she meant?
Had Lola had kittens again?  We’re we being haunted by the ghost of the house’s previous owners?  Did Dottie have a new little friend named Rupert who enjoyed dropping by at stupid o’ clock on a Saturday morning? No.  Dorothy was saying good morning to the cocoon. It’s had to say ‘the cocoon’ without adopting a dramatic voice.  Rupert sounds much less intriguing.  Rachel explained that the night before, Dorothy had seen the cocoon’s red lights peering at her on the way to bed.  She’d announced that they were too scary and refused to take another step.  So my wife gave it a friendly name and explained that far from being scary, Rupert was looking after the house for her. And she was right.  Since it was installed, the cocoon has been protecting our home in a way we’ve never experienced before. Cocoon AI Powered Smart SecurityThe cocoon monitors the sound in your home.  When there’s an unusual, loud or unexpected sound, it lets you know via your mobile.  From there you can take a look at what’s going on, sound an alarm or if it’s something safe but unexpected, help teach the system that it’s ok. Meet Cocoon™. The world’s first multi-room smart home security system. from Cocoon on Vimeo. I expect you can also use this feature to confuse your cats.  Not that we’d do anything like that of course. Now we have quite a noisy household.  We have a teenager who loves loud indie music, a toddler who loves to shout, I mean sing, all day and they aren’t even the noisiest.  Rachel and I add a fair few decibels too. Thankfully Rose Cottage is detached so we don’t disturb our neighbours with our noise but I did wonder whether it would confuse the cocoon.  I imagined getting a text every time Rachel shouted upstairs for Beth to bring her laundry down, whenever Beth had an ‘OMG’ moment on the phone to her friends or basically everything Dottie opened her mouth It turns out that our Rupert is cleverer than that. By installing the app on each of our phones, it recognises when we’re home and automatically disarms. How amazing is that? No need for codes, running through the house while a siren goes off, nothing! While you can also Arm and Disarm at will, cocoon eventually learns the sounds and patterns of your household so that you don’t receive unnecessary alerts.  Perfect for Lola, however, there are no more kittens on the horizon. Rupert really has been a game changer.  Since last year, when we came home to discover we’d had a house fire, protecting our home has become paramount.  When we learned that both our fire and burglar alarms were sounding for hours that day but were sadly ignored, we longed for a house monitoring system that we could control and trust. Rupert has been protecting my man cave for the past few months and it’s been incredible. It’s an exterior building and there my piano in there. I was literally scared to leave it all down there, but knowing that I’ve got full protection, it’s safe to say we’ve found our security device in the cocoon, I mean Rupert.]]>

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