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How to achieve cool dad status

Achieving the cool dad status is not as easy at it sounds. It’s not as easy as rocking up to the family party, busting some moves, drinking too much beer, and telling a few terrible jokes. In fact, that’s exactly how you achieve the bad dad status. Most of us will spend our lives trying to look cool to our kids, when in reality, we’re only doing the opposite. We don’t want that for you. We want you to be able to strut your stuff, kids in tow, knowing that you’re the coolest dad in the playground. It sounds childish, doesn’t it? But sometimes it’s just nice to know that your kids in particular view you as anything other than embarrassing, so let’s try and help you achieve that. Here are our top three ways that we think you can achieve cool dad status. Relax A Lil   No, we haven’t put ‘lil’ to try and emphasise the coolness of this article, but it does help… a lil. The one thing that a lot of parents in general suffer with, is that uptight children shouldn’t be able to do this, and shouldn’t be able to do that attitude. Children are children, and the more you hold them back, the more they’re going to want to do it. We’re not saying that you should let your child run wild in the supermarkets, rather than making them hold your hand. But we are saying that you should let them explore a little more, especially as they get older. Don’t tell them off for running around the home and being loud, let them express their personality through play and noise. The more of a voice they’re allowed to have at a younger age, the more they’ll be heard as they go into adulthood. Try not to be too strict, and restricting as a dad. If you want to be cool, you need to learn to let go a little, especially if you’ve got a little girls. There’s nothing wrong with climbing a tree, playing in the mud, or sword fighting. It’s how children learn boundaries, and you shouldn’t try and restrict them.  Unless of course they’re half way up the biggest tree in the forest, then you’re allowed to go into panic mode.   Sort Your Style   As we age, style fades. But not any more. All you need to do is make a few simple adjustments, and not only will people see you as the cool stylish dad, you’ll have so much more confidence within yourself. If you check out brands such as John Henric, you’ll see a variety of different smart casual styles that can be worn for any occasion. Although dad denim is coming back in at the minute as well, we’d recommend mixing some of the jumpers and shirts you find with that brand, with the fashionable slim fitted jean. We’re not telling you to go super skinny, but reigning in the slack of dad jeans every so often will look great! Days Out Are The Best   Don’t be that dad who gets in from work and can’t be bothered to do anything. Be that dad who is out every weekend, even if it’s just play fighting in the garden, or taking the kids to the park. The more of an involvement you have with the play side of things, the cooler you’re going to be in their eyes. [caption id="attachment_16809" align="aligncenter" width="850"] sdr[/caption] Hopefully we have upped your cool status with this article!]]>

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