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My Final Test and Impressive Results with #Redex

I’m not a mechanic but I know that whatever Redex has done to my engine, I’ve saved myself MPG, money and I imagine I’ve got a cleaner engine too. There’s was a month of no Redex to set the benchmark, a tank of fuel with worse mileage and then finally some impressive results achieved. I didn’t think it would be all achievements from day one especially when my car hasn’t been well looked after. With so many years of miscare, I can only imagine the damage done to the engine from old oil in a large engine. The results look to back up what I thought with a big drop after the first tank of Redex. There must have been so many deposits to clean out and burn in the fuel. So let me tell you about the driving style in the last tank, it’s almost just like the first tank so a great comparison. Flying back to the UK on a Friday evening, it was my best friends wedding in Scotland it was a long drive that was a perfect opportunity to catch up with the wife and to put the car through it’s paces. We filled up the car and with the boot pack there ready to add, Dorothy wanted to see how easy it was. Based on some feedback from the Redex Holt Autos fan group, I added one and a half bottles. (BTW the bottle was empty) So saying adding Redex into your fuel tank is child’s play, isn’t a joke. It really is. So after dropping off the girls to our relatives for two days, we are journey ready (sweets and water) we set off for sunny Scotland and a venue with a beautiful view over the Isle of Arran. Taking over 4 hours to get there we managed to have some quality Mr and Mrs P time with conversations, jokes and stories about how the happy couple met and excitement in seeing our best friends. Following an amazing ceremony where a fantastic couple literally tie the know, we leave around 8:30pm. About 4 and a half hours of driving later, a few service stations stops and I clock well over 400 miles. I then fly out at 10am to Bulgaria for work for three weeks! (It’s ok my car was well cleaned by Mrs P while away in preparation for our family holiday!) So as I arrived back Dorothy was ready to drive us to the JustSo Festival in Stoke. (She didn’t really) We had an amazing time and here’s just a few pics! We also drove to North Wales, across to Angelsey and then back to Wigan again before I once more, jetted off to Bulgaria for work! So there’s been some long drives, the MPG dropped rapidly on the Welsh drive as we had a roof box and a fully loaded car which really didn’t help. We lost 2 mpg from prior to the journey. All in all the final tank delivered 838 miles and we literally were about to run out of fuel when I checked the stats. That was amazing.

To recap on the previous tests here are the numbers!

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The data doesn’t lie! That’s a 100 miles swing in miles per full tank and Dorothy is super excited that we have more cash to buy sweets haha
Thanks go to Redex for the opportunity to test their Fuel Additives. Cute bottles are their’s, views are mine 🙂]]>

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