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I Tried A Hair Loss Instagram Advert from Gofybr

I’m tired of the constant advertising on Instagram but I’m also tired of my receding hair.

I know I’m not 20 anymore but my locks of hair were once described as “particularly” thick. I’m also not fussed about the colour, I like grey, I have multiple grey T-shirts. But what I would like to be improved is my hairline.

Before you ask surgery is out of the window. The idea of looking like Hellraiser for a few months doesn’t appeal to me.

So when the constant stream of adverts promoting various hair transplants, wigs etc kept hitting my timelines, my YouTube video history was clearly apparent. Yes, I watched a few hair transplant videos.
Having come back from time away, I was tired, looking old, without enough sleep and my hair looked sh*t, or what was left of it. I’d also just found out my contract had been terminated and decided to give one a go.

Call me a social guinea pig for balding men everywhere!

I’ll start by showing you the video I saw:

Looks amazing, doesn’t it! Like all good clickbait, there was a free tester waiting after the video.
But it wasn’t free. There was shipping involved and then just as you’re about to pay the secret sauce to make it stay! A few more quid on something that may look awful.
5 days later and a small padded envelope arrived through the door to my delight. No one in the house knew it was coming and my little secret was finally here!
Now the best thing is I literally opened it and then filmed this video, no pre-trials or anything:

It’s got the complete opening, my trial, Mrs P putting it on and a quick roundup.

My Thoughts

It’s been a couple of days since I finished the video and it’s been so fun looking back. My views have changed a little and I have some more insights.
Highlighted in the video was “don’t get it wet!” I’ve got a few more tips:

  • Don’t spray aftershave on your head (this was a tip I was given years ago for a longer lasting fragrance.)
  • Don’t touch your hair after spraying aftershave or having it on your hands. The fibres just lose all density.
  • Remember it’s a visual trick. It’s easy to get downhearted when you’ve had a shower. It’s not a miracle cure it’s an illusion for everyone, including yourself.
  • It’s remarkably good! I tricked myself at one point and forgot it was on.
  • Use hairspray not the spray with it. It looked so much better.

Other than that it was an awesome tester that was free but not really. If you’re looking for a little confidence booster go for it, I think I’ll be investing if I get my new job. If you’re looking for a miracle then, unfortunately, these aren’t going to happen, well at least not on your head.
Above all, if you don’t feel confident about yourself how can you expect others too. Whatever will help you feel better about your hair or lack of in my case, that’s a win. Whether it’s a fibre based product or shaving it off. I’ve done both and still unsure what’s best.
I just want to point out this is not an ad (if you’ve read the above or watched the video you’ll realise) it really was a free tester pot that was advertised to me on IG.

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