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Top Tips to Promote Your Business On A Small Budget

Are you just starting up a new business or are looking to make some cuts to your budget?

Many businesses tend to first cut the budget on promoting their business, however, this is a huge mistake especially now when the new digital age has brought so many more affordable and effective ways to market your business.
Here, we are taking you through our top tips for how to easily promote your business whilst on a budget.
Be Ready To Hand Out Information About Your Business
Not only should you have your pitch ready to go about your small business, you should also have materials ready to hand out to people at any given time. Not everyone will be able to stop and chat about your business and so a great way to give yourself some instant brand recognition is to hand out small documents with more information about your business. Business cards can be extremely expensive, however, so a great way to promote your brand name is to have some company stamps created that will instantly catch the eye of potential clients on any documentation you give them, even if they then do not then go on to read your document. Your company stamp can also be used to promote your business as it can be used on promotional material that is delivered through doors and adds a cool personal touch that also help to build your brand.
Always Be Ready to Pitch
No matter where you are, you should always make sure that you are ready to pitch your business to potential new clients. This needs to be something that is instantly engaging and that the person you are speaking to will want to know more about. Did you know that the average attention span of an adult is just 7 seconds? Your pitch needs to be compelling enough to grab their attention in this short space of time and then you will only have around one minute to sell them your product to the best of your ability. So, make sure you take the time to come up with a fantastic elevator pitch that will wow potential clients.
Once you are armed with your pitch and stamped informative documents about your business, it is time to get networking! When you are trying to promote your business and build some brand recognition, you need to put in the time commitment that networking takes. You may not get an instant gratification from this, but you will over the long-term and a strong network of connections is one of the very best assets that any business person can have. You can also set up a referral system amongst your networks which is great as this means other businesses will be helping to promote your business also.
Get Involved In Your Community
When trying to promote your business, it is easy to get carried away thinking on a big scale, by why not establish yourself locally first? Look to sponsor a small local football team, or locals doing a charity run as this will help you to get in front of potential customers to market your brand. ]]>

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