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Tackling Building Work On A Budget

Find A Draughtsperson
Architects fees can be very pricey and put a lot of people off thinking about doing that extension or loft conversion. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Smaller scale projects or internal remodel can be mapped out by a Draughtsperson, who will produce the technical spec needed by the planning department or building firms. As long as they have the correct professional indemnity insurance, it can be a great way to get what you need while saving on fees. Some building contractors may also be able to help draw up basic plans.

Project Manage Your Build
If you’re interested in the project and keeping a close eye on the details and finances yourself, project managing your own build is also a money saver. You are then in complete control of what is spent on materials and labour, and if you’re good at DIY so much the better as small jobs like painting, tiling and laying flooring you can then do yourself. This route can be quite time consuming, so make sure you can manage it alongside other work.

Shop Around
With the whole of the Internet at your disposal, it’s easy to shop around and compare prices. You can choose to go to Bryson Products for deals on tools or even the local reclamation yard for vintage finds like flooring and fireplaces. The choice is up to you – even things like worktops can often be found at a better price independently of your kitchen supplier. Don’t just buy all your building materials from one supplier, shop for the best price on what you want – and don’t be afraid to haggle, especially if you need lots of the item!

Mix High And Low End
While opting for high quality items is a move that always pays you back in the end, it doesn’t always necessarily mean a high cost. In fact, a great way to save money on your build is to be clever in mixing high end items with a few basic bargains. For instance, you could purchase basic kitchen units, but spend a little more on worktops and handles to make them look more luxurious. Or if there is a must have expensive patterned floor tile? Do a smaller area of them and border them with cheaper plain tiles. The trick is either to upgrade your basics with fancier trimmings or spend money where it counts like on worktops and flooring materials, and keep the other things cheaper. Sticking to budget can be done if you’re a little creative!

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