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How Gardening Can Help You Unwind

For a full-time working father, it’s just as important to have your own down time as well as making sure you give plenty of time to your children.

There are lots of pastimes which can help you unwind after a long day, but gardening can be particularly therapeutic. Not only is it good for you to spend time outdoors, but it is also quite a creative pursuit, and gives you a sense of wellbeing as a result of it being a nurturing hobby.
If you’re thinking of starting a garden, here are a few steps to follow to make sure you end up exactly where you want to be.
Every goal must start with a plan and gardening is no exception. First of all, you need to think about what kind of garden you would like. You might like it to be immaculately landscaped with a perfect lawn, or do you want it to be a little more unruly? Do you want it to be a vegetable garden or be full of beautiful flowers? There’s lots to think about so try to have a strong goal in mind. If you are planning on getting your garden properly landscaped, then it might be a good idea to check out someone like this Lawncare.net company to help you with this.
When planning your garden, it is important to take into account which areas will often be bathed in sunlight and which will be more shaded. Each plant requires different conditions including the amount of sunlight and the soil type, which also differs across gardens.
Take the time to choose the best tools for you. It is easy to research the kind of tools you’ll need but you need to make sure you’re comfortable using them, and that they will make your life easier.
Soil Preparation
Now it’s time to start gardening, but before you do anything else you must prepare the soil. The best way to do this is by thoroughly raking it and spreading a 3-inch layer of compost across it. Do not rake the soil unless it is moist enough to be rolled into a ball, otherwise you could damage it.
Pick Your Plants
Now comes the fun part- choosing your plants! For beginner gardeners, it’s best to go for plants that are easy to grow and last a full two years for example, Marigolds, Geraniums and Sunflowers.
Make sure you plant your plants in either mid-spring or mid-summer to maximize initial growth, as plants do not like cold weather. You can plant either seeds of set plants to save a bit of time.
Water your plants regularly, but don’t over water them; little and often is best. Every season make sure you use a dry fertilizer on the soil to rejuvenate the nutrients and keep on top of weeds or they will steal them all instead. The best thing to do to keep weeds at bay is cover the surrounding soil in ‘mulch’ for example pine needles, cocoa hulls or bark chips.
As you can see, starting a garden isn’t too tricky or complex and you will probably find it to be a very relaxing hobby. You can even get your children to join in for a bit of quality bonding time. You’ll soon start to see the fruits of your labor bloom! For more tips on creating the right work/life balance during fatherhood, take a look at corporatedad.co.uk.]]>

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