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Buying a Used Car? Here’s a Wreck List Checklist

When you come to buy a car there are a lot of things you need to make sure that you do. One of the most important jobs for you to do is test drive the vehicle to make sure that it is right for you. If you have never test driven a car before, here are some of the essential things you need to look out for.

1. Does it start OK?

Of course, the first thing you’ll want to check when you get into the car for a test drive will be whether or not it starts easily right away. This might seem like something super obvious but if there is even a slight struggle as you turn on the ignition this could spell trouble for the car.

2. Check the temperature

One of the subtle things you may not realise as you get into the car is that it might already be warm. This is an indication that the seller has been warming the car up in advance for you which could spell trouble. If they have done this it might be because the car has issues starting from cold which they don’t want you to see.

3. Make sure the temperature gauge works

As you drive the car it is important for you to check if the temperature gauge works as you go. If it stops halfway this could be a sign it is broken and this is not a good sign because you always want to be able to keep an eye on the temperature to make sure that the car doesn’t overheat.

4. Check the clutch

How easy is it for you to find the biting point? Does the clutch judder as you start to move or does it give you a smooth drive? It is important for you to consider this because if there is an issue with the clutch it can be very expensive for you to fix and it is likely not worth it for buying the car.

5. Transmission

It is important to make sure that the transmission on the vehicle is working properly and that there is a smooth transition between each of the gears as you drive. This will make your drive much more pleasant and it will allow you to drive safely on the road. If the gears judder and crunch this can be a sign that you need a new gearbox.

6. Check the steering

Is your steering sensitive and working in the way that it should? Make sure during your test drive to visit a car park and practice driving around corners and turning into your parking space. This will make a world of difference to you and it will show you how well the steering works.

7. Listen to the engine

Don’t let the seller turn the radio no as you drive, be sure to listen to the engine as it switches on and off. This will allow you to notice if there are any major issues with the car or not before you choose to buy it!

8. Does it perform?

Whether you go for a Used Porsche Cayenne or a brand new Mini Cooper, you will have certain expectations for how the car will perform. Make sure that you test drive the car to ensure that it performs in the way you expect it to and that it is as fast or as powerful as it says it is. Once you are happy with everything you can make the choice to buy or leave it.

Test Driving A Car: The Essential Checklist

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