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Building a Business in Construction

Construction is the industry where it’s all going on at the minute. There are so many things being constructed at the minute, and due to the way that the world is growing and evolving, this is never going to stop. Which is why so many people are turning to construction to invest in, or start a business in, and that’s exactly what we think you should be doing as well. There are so many little business ideas that you could go for, and so many things you could be doing to make big profit. And the best part of it is, it doesn’t require big ideas for you to do so. All you have to do is have a basic idea of how the construction industry works, and understand what your business is going to need to do to slot in. It’s also very much about being able to build the right contacts, and being able to communicate. The construction industry can be very all over the shop and unorganised, more so than any business niche you could think of. If you get on a building site and it’s not chaos, you’re probably not on a building site. So if you think you’ve got the gift of the gab to make connections, and you’ve always been fascinated by the growing construction industry, then here are a few little construction businesses, that we know would make you big profit if you just stick at them!

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Management Of A Site

Site management is essential. Even with site management, you will find that the whole thing is chaos, but it’s a sort of organised chaos that means things will still get done in a roundabout way. Now there are so many companies who set up their business in the management side of things, and there are tons of pros to it. The first pro, is that you get the chance to be at the wheel of some of the countries biggest projects, whatever they may be. You really need need to be logistical and problem solving minded, or else you would never make it in this part of the construction world. The pay is also crazy high as well. So you’ve got the companies who are constructing whatever building it is, whether it be houses, warehouses, or offices, who are then paying you to manage the site. So because they’ve invested such a large amount into the actual project, they’ll invest a super large amount into site management. Because the moment things start to turn for the worst and delays begin, the company who started the project is going to get charged by the bucketload. All of those people who are being paid to be there, have to be paid more than expected, and going over budget for a company can be devastating! So a lot will ride on you, and a lot will happen if you overrun the project. But it does happen on nearly every building site. Now, there are tons of courses you can take in construction site management, and if this is one of the niches of construction that you want to go into, you most definitely need to have completed a course or two, and will have to get the experience as an individual first, before you ever think about setting up your own company. So this might take a hell of a long time, but in the end the money and success would be more than worth it!

The Sales Side Of Things

Every construction site is going to be selling something. So you might go into residential or commercial, and help either other businesses, or the public. If you like the idea of residential, and selling properties to people who are desperate to have a home, then there’s a lot of money to be made from it. But to do this, you would have to go into the whole property business side of things, and that’s taking you away from the actual construction of the building, and towards a new path. But if you can do this right, there are so many opportunities to make money and commission off your own company. All you would have to do is set up as a sales business, and promote the buildings being built. The first connection you would have to make, is with the company constructing the building. You want to secure that position as the sales team that they liaise with, to make sure that they’re selling the buildings they’re building, so that it’s not all a waste of time. So what you first might have to do, is get a few years experience just buying and selling houses, and building up a name and a reputation for yourself. You could then work your way towards contact big building companies , and becoming their sales connection. All you would then have to do, is work tirelessly to meet the targets they set, and liaise with the people working on the building site, to make sure the construction is happening fast enough. We know that this route might take you years to perfect, and years to even get to the point where you would be considered, but the money is going  to be do good, an the business you create could take you all around the world if that’s what you want it to do!

Trade Work

Trade work is the most common route into the construction industry, and we know why so many people decide to go into it. There’s just so many options here, and if you can build yourself a good trade company, with a good team working for you, there’s no end to the money you could be making from it. One trade company that is never going to be out of work, is a scaffold company. The beauty is, you could either work on residential homes that have already been built and need repairs, or you could work on a hectic building site, and always feel like you’re on the go. You’d need things like galvanised pipe lengths, ladders, the right safety gear, and the right training. Whatever trade you go into, you’re going to have to learn the trade first. So whether you take a college course, or just join onto a team to learn the ropes, it’ll be worth doing if you have a clear business plan. Having a clear business plan is so important, because not only are you going to face the usual trouble of a building site, you’re going to face the trouble of competition. You have to build up a solid reputation, and you have to have the experience behind you to be able to succeed.

Design Work

Design work is one of the best parts of construction, we believe anyway. To go into this side of things, you would have to have a degree in either architecture and design, or preferably civil engineer. To be a civil engineer, you have to be able to design and safely construct buildings, whether it be one home, or a big apartment block. So you would be required to go to university and to do some form of a degree, but boy would it be worth it. Three years down the line, and you could be running your own successful civil engineering business, specialising in the design of buildings. Companies who become big in this niche make millions and millions each year! Again, it could take you all over the world, and you could be working in some of the fastest growing countries in the world, which also make it some of the best. There would be a lot of challenges with this role however, and it’s not something you can just dive right into after qualifying. You would have to spend years working as a trainee, and getting your experience through that route. But the money would be really nice, and as long as you can keep your goal in mind for the end of the road, you’d be in for millions. So you might be a little older and wiser by the time that you actually go through with this, but we just know it would be more than worth it!

Essential Security

Security on a construction site is most definitely essential. Day or not, it’s a prime target for thieves out there, simply because there are just so many things to be taken. There is probably hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of equipment, and on some construction sites, these are just not looked after properly. They’re not stored away, site safety is ignored, and yet people wonder why so many things go missing. So what you could be, is that essential line of security that every building site should have. Unlike the others, this one is actually pretty easy to get yourself into. It’s easy enough to get a security level qualification, and then to get some light experience. You can then go around offering your services to different construction sites, and begin building your team as you go along. It’s definitely worth it, and it’s definitely not as pressured as the other roles!

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