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3 Reasons Why You Keep Losing Sales

Losing a sale is one of the worst feelings there is. You think that the customer is interested and you’ve been going back and forth on price until you’re absolutely certain that you’re going to close that deal. Then all of a sudden, they come back and tell you that they’re not interested and they’re going to go in another direction. Unfortunately, it’s just part of business and it will happen from time to time. But if it starts happening a lot, that’s a big problem because you’re wasting a lot of time on deals that don’t end up going anywhere. If you keep losing sales, you need to do something about it before your business gets into trouble, and the first step is understanding why you’re losing those sales in the first place so you can correct the mistakes that you’re making. These are some of the most common reasons that you might be losing sales. 

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Failure To Build A Relationship 

Building a good relationship with clients is so important because people buy people, they don’t buy products. That might be a bit of a cliche but it does hold true a lot of the time. Clients want to deal with somebody that they get along well with and they want to feel that you’re invested in your relationship with them. If they feel that you just want to get a quick sale out of them and then forget about them, they’re likely to go elsewhere, so building that relationship is key. A lot of sales staff neglect this aspect of the process and that’s why they struggle. First impressions are important because you only have around 7 seconds before somebody makes a judgment about you. That initial judgment is difficult to undo and it will color the rest of the relationship so always make sure to be professional yet approachable from the outset. Good communication is important as well so don’t neglect your clients, otherwise, you won’t be able to build the good relationship that you need. 

Slow Quoting Process 

People don’t like to be messed around during negotiations, they want to lay out their needs, get a price, and decide whether it works for them or not. That’s why your quoting process needs to be streamlined and businesses that are slow with their quotes often lose a lot of sales. You can get around this issue by investing in netsuite crm software to help you manage quotes. You can prepare and send quotes in real time and see exactly when a customer reads and responds to them. That means you can get back to them right away with accurate quotes and they won’t be left waiting for a response. If you take too long about it, clients are just going to start looking elsewhere. 

Putting On Too Much Pressure 

Nobody likes to deal with pushy salespeople and that’s one of the most common reasons that you’ll lose sales. When you’re desperate to make that sale, it’s easy to fall into the trap of being too pushy with clients but it rarely works. They have other options and they’ll soon leave you behind if you pressure them too much. Remember that you’re there to work together on a solution, not force one on the client. 

If you’re making any one of these mistakes, it will cause you to lose a lot of sales, so just reconsider your sales technique and ensure that you’re not getting it wrong. 

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