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How to Change Your Career


Many of us will arrive at a point in our lives when we feel a little bored with our careers. For some of us, these creative lulls or phases of boredom will fade. Others of us can snap out of it by learning more about our industry, networking to get inspired, or gaining a promotion. However, for some, dissatisfaction only increases until it’s time to do something about it! If you feel like you may need a career change, here come a few tips to approaching that end game!

Career counselling 

Private career counsellors or coaches can be an excellent option if you’re looking for a change yet not entirely sure where to start. A career counsellor can help you to determine your interests, skills and your values in terms of a new career path. You’ll be given coaching on options, developing new resumes and job application processes. A career counselor can help you to identify any obstacles in your path and make a longer-term plan for success. 

Keep a career journal 

It’s a good idea to start a career journal to track your options and progress. The initial starting point is making a list of possible opportunities to explore. Once you’ve got this list; research the skills and qualifications that you need to achieve each one. Which skills or experience do you already have? What would you need to do to fill in gaps in your qualifications or experiences? If there’s a training course that you need to take- determine if this is something you can fit around your current role. If it’s not, you may need to decide if you can afford to take some time off work. 

A career journal can help you to set out what you need to gain, and decide exactly how you are going to gain it. Set yourself short-term goals each day or week to track your journey. These could be things like, researching appropriate online courses; applying for a volunteering opportunity on the side; or attending an industry related talk. 

Further education 

Perhaps you never did the whole university thing, and now you’ve got a hankering to try? Plenty of people like to get some work experience and some savings behind them before pursuing university. It may be that your career change requires a certain degree to get there? Once you’ve decided on a set course, the next thing is to pick the best university. The best university will vary greatly depending on what course you want to take. When you’re doing your research, remember to keep it specific. If you’re looking to do an aviation degree, for instance, you’ll want to research ACS top aviation universities. The best university for you may also be related to location, in terms of your current circumstances. 

As soon as it’s appropriate, start attending networking events associated with your new desired career path. It’s never too early to start making a few contacts and connections and who knows what a boost this could provide! Many people change career these days by starting their own business. If you’ve got a great idea and a little know-how, you may want to discuss these ideas with a careers counsellor. 

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