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Five Reasons Getting a Private Number Plate is a Great Idea

Private number plates are becoming more and more common on our roads – today, it’s not just the rich and famous who like them, but anybody with a car! And, with private registration plates more and more accessible, often available at a decent price and with many companies offering 0% finance options for those who want to invest a little more into their personalised number plate, there are many reasons to consider taking the plunge and treating yourself to this unique accessory for your car. Plus, private number plates can make a very thoughtful and unique gift for a driver in your life. We’ve put together five reasons why getting a private number plate is a fantastic idea. 

#1. Disguise Your Car’s Age:

Today, it’s easy to see just how old a car is by looking at the registration plate. So, it’s no surprise that many drivers who invest in a private number plate do so to hide the age of their car and leave it a mystery. Although you’re unlikely to find a private number plate on an old banger, you can get one for any car and they are a great tool for hiding your car’s age and perhaps even making it less appealing to thieves if it’s brand new. 

Bear in mind, however, that it’s illegal to get a private number plate that makes your car look younger, but you don’t have to settle for making it look older than it really is, either. Investing in a dateless number plate is the best option here – these plates don’t contain any letters or numbers that identify the age of your car. 

#2. It’s a Good Investment:

If you’re worried about the amount of money that you’ll need to spend on a private number plate, then don’t be! Personalised number plates are the kind of product that hold their value as each one is unique. And if you can manage to get your hands on one that’s in high demand, like a popular name, surname, word or a plate that contains the number 1, then you’re in luck – you’ll usually be able to sell these on for quite a bit in the future. 

In fact, private number plates have gained so much value over the years that they are becoming an increasingly more popular investment

#3. They’re Unique:

If you love accessorising your car and making it your own, then a private number plate is definitely for you. Along with the options to choose whatever you want written on your plate, you can also customise the look and feel of the plate in several other ways; just check out these 4D number plates from Number1Plates. Number1Plates offer many other customisation options, and the best part is that they offer next day delivery!

A personalised number plate is 100% unique and will certainly set your car apart from the crowd on the roads. 

#4. You Can Express Yourself:

If you like your car to be something that you can express yourself with, then look no further – a private number plate will be the perfect choice of accessory for you. Private number plates allow you to be completely creative, come up with an idea that is unique to you, and have some fun in the process. Maybe you want a private number plate that features your name, initials, surname, your job, children’s initials, your business name, or your date of birth – it’s all possible! 

When it comes to private number plates, the world truly is your oyster – you can really portray your personality and make it easy for others to learn a little bit more about you just by looking at your car. And, let’s not forget that private number plates are still very much a status symbol throughout the UK. If you’re doing well and want others to know about it, this is a great way to show off your success!

#5. Never Forget Your Car Registration:

Aside from being a fun, unique and luxury way of accessorising your car and making it more personal to you, private number plates also have a very practical advantage. Think about it – how many times have you been asked to record your registration number, only to have to dash outside to check your car? With a private number plate that you’ve come up with yourself, it’s unlikely that you’re going to forget what your car’s registration number is any time soon. You are bound to choose a registration plate that holds some meaning for you, whether it’s your name or a special word – and that’s going to be simple and easy to remember. 

So, now you know the top five reasons why it’s a fab idea to invest in a personalised registration plate for your car. Start searching today to find the best one for you! 

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