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Thinking Of Buying An Electric Car?

Electric cars used to be few and far between, but they are becoming more available to the average car consumer. As the technology for electric cars improves, so does the price, making an electric car a much more accessible option. If you’re considering buying an electric car, there are some things to consider first. 

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How often do you drive?

If you tend to make mostly short journeys around town and have a reasonably short commute, then an electric car like the new Jaguar i-Pace could suit you. Make sure you do some research to make sure you know where the local public chargers are, so you can keep your car charged on the go. 

Electric cars are excellent city cars, as long as you know where the chargers are. Many business parks are beginning to install chargers in their parking bays now so there are more places to charge electric cars than there used to be.

What about longer journeys?

New owners of electric cars often worry about making longer journeys. Electric cars have charging stations marked in their in-built navigation systems, so it’s easy to find somewhere to stop when you’re on the journey. Some systems can even tell you exactly how long to charge for and how much range you’ll have left when you arrive. 

As electric car technology improves, the range they can manage is also improving, so you can now make much longer journeys than before. However, it’s important to remember that the range of the car can be reduced in cold weather. The range of an electric car is also affected by traffic, temperature, and driving style. You will have to make more stops than you would in a traditional car, but this can be a nice way to take a driving break to enjoy a coffee or stretch your legs on a long car trip. 

Are Electric Cars Good For Families?

Some of the first electric cars tended to be smaller cars, designed for driving in the city. A lot of the options on the market lean towards sportier styles, which are great for driving in the city but aren’t so good as family cars

Luckily, this is now beginning to change, with larger electric cars and SUV models coming onto the market. There are much roomier electric cars available now, with more boot space, which are ideal for families. 

Hatchbacks are popular options for family cars, and for good reason. They have plenty of space inside for fitting car seats and have large boots that are ideal for pushchairs or even the family dog. Despite their spaciousness, they’re not so huge that you can’t park them at the supermarket. An electric hatchback is an ideal family car. 

There are a lot of things to consider when buying any style of car. An electric car can be a great option for lots of people, but you should spend time doing some proper research first so you’re sure an electric vehicle is right for you. 

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