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Introducing the 10 Ball Challenges

We’ve done the 20 ball challenge, it was very difficult to film and we didn’t feel that it was too compelling. Having the time to film 20 shots, in real-world situations was difficult.

We wanted to do something that was a leveller between Stuart (31 handicap) and I (6 handicap), where we both had opportunities to win and challenge each other. We also wanted to challenge some of the golfing myths and failures that beginner golfers do.

There’s so many mistakes that you can cut out to improve your game and reduce your handicap. Thinking for hours and hours, we’ve decided to put together a new challenge, the 10 Ball Challenge! Inventive, I know haha. Hopefully we’ll be able to produce more videos, keeping it compelling and challenging with real challenges you can do at your local course.

Tell us what challenges we should do and we’ll try our best to film and get out as soon as possible!

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