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10 Ways to Improve Amateur Golf

We’ve put our heads together and come up with 10 tips to help make the game a little bit more enjoyable!

  • Larger holes to putt into
  • No clubhouse twat rule. 3 strikes and you’re barred
  • Mandatory 1-week ban if you turn up with the latest clubs and don’t shoot at least buffer
  • The local pro has to play the course in one comp a month to see the condition or the course and the members
  • Green staff have to caddy and golfers mow once a season
  • All shit bunkers are automatic GUR. Determined using the Footprint test.
  • You can tee off the reds for a 1 shot penalty
  • A lost ball is a mandatory 0 points or highest score with a zero (nett double bogey) on a hole
  • You NR and you have to pay a forfeit or a fine and you must tee off last in the next competition
  • Mandatory live stream of the 1st tee on YouTube

Do you have any suggested new rules?

Do you have any suggested new rules to add?

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