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Playing Golf in Bulgaria – St. Sofia Golf Club & SPA Course Review

When in Rome you do what the Romans do, but what about when you’ve been working in Bulgaria for three months?

That was the dilemma facing me after literally working 7 days a week non-stop for a company that was in trouble!

I was then surprised when my Boss flew in from Denver to help me recruit the final piece of the Recruitment Puzzle. The resourcer that was going to take the mantle after I left, and support the new team I’d put in place.

So after a few days of really hitting it hard in the office, having recruited up for the new accounts about to start, I was asked what I’d like to do to say thanks.

All I can say is the rest is history. What a golf course it was too! There’s not too many good club’s around Sofia and this wasn’t cheap but OMG what an experience.

Literally no-body there, and I can imagine it would get a few ex-pats, but the course was great.

Good greens, tight fairways and kitted out for buggies. The cafe need’s a little something as the service was poor but it was cheap despite being a very expensive course.

All of this with the beautiful setting of the Vitosha Mountains in the background. Can I go back?

St Sofia - Bulgaria Golf Course Review

St Sofia - Bulgaria Golf Course Review
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Four Seasons Golfer Review of St Sofia Golf Course
Four Seasons Golfer Review of St Sofia Golf Course
3.0 rating
Total Score
  • Course Condition
    5.0 rating
    5/5 Amazing
    Nothing out of place. To be fair there was no one on there.
  • Cost of a Round and Buggy
    1.0 rating
    1/5 Awfully
    Situated about 45 minutes from Sofia, the course is set up for Ex-Pats. Therefore it's bloody expensive. With hire clubs, buggy and green fees for two (plus balls/tees) we were looking at £300+.
    3.0 rating
    3/5 Neutral
    This wasn't a difficult course even off the back tees. There were water and hazards but there were also holes where you could easily reach. I eagled a par 5 and got a number of birdies :). My playing partner did give up after 15 so maybe not that easy.
    3.0 rating
    3/5 Neutral
    Some beautiful holes but they were beautiful because of the mountains in the background. A couple of gems, especially the par 3 in the photos. Wow!
    4.0 rating
    4/5 Good
    The clubhouse was amazing and the cost of food was ridiculously cheap considering. Service was poor as I think they had a skeleton staff on and it was very slow. Could imagine for a full society day it would be amazing as there were scoreboards etc. Spa also on-site and the locker rooms were the best I've seen.
    2.0 rating
    2/5 Bad
    Range there and a very helpful professional who gave us his clubs to use as we weren't the normal social group. A great course but the best in Sofia, however next time we'll go further afield.

The Good

  • Driving range with good balls
  • Amazing atmospheric course set with mountain views
  • Food was delicious and reasonably priced
  • Condition of the course was superb despite the heat

The Bad

  • Service wasn't great at the food
  • Cost was to make most of Western money/Ex-Pats

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