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Fairy Glen in Wigan is Amazing


When you’re a three year old, the world is full of wonder and magic. It’s the starting point to stories and the backdrop to adventures.

Fairy Glen is everything we wanted and more, not just for Dorothy but for Mrs P and I too 🙂

Situated about 10 minutes outside Wigan towards Appley Bridge, you’ll notice lots of cars all parked against the roadside. When I say lots, I mean lots! This is probably one of the only negatives to this adventure. Parking is a bit of a nightmare with cars having to park up against the trees and verges but as long as you’re careful to park across, and ensure your children get out the woods side, you’ll be ok (JUST BE SAFE!)

Now what about the best bits!

Go to Fairy Glen with a Sense of Wonder!

Throughout the woodland setting, you’ll see glitter trails from the fairies to guide you along the way, through streams and scenes from a naturescape that belong in a movie.

Be sure to take your pennies and find a big stone to ensure your mark is left at Fairy Glen, with the penny trees part of the journey throughout the Glen.

Be sure to take your camera too, you’ll feel like a tourist walking through the woods. There are wonderful scenes at ever turn with old fallen down trees making the best hiding spaces and streams that belong in Lord of the Rings. (Or Game of Thrones)

If you’re also lucky, you’ll find the fairy door signalling the end of your trail and hopefully, if the magic is with you, spot the trails of a fairy flying through the air.

You may also spot one up on top of the hill if you keep your eyes peeled!

Be Sure To Explore

This trail is about enjoying yourself, letting your inner child explore and just go with it.

Don’t hold back, look for those fairies, follow the trails and explore through the woods and find the Blue Boogaloo Land.

Dorothy’s magical bluebell land that holds all the excitement and wonder she needs to create stories and adventures.

Here’s to more adventures, make sure you go and visit and whatever you do, take some water and a packed lunch. Oh good footwear and if you’re interested in going through the river, a towel too.

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