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How to Build a Homemade Golf Mat at Home with Carpet and an Old Desk

So it’s time to start to try and combat my learning challenges.

It is the mission to create a practice net in my garden to enable as much practice as possible at every spare moment.

In this video, I am starting the process of constructing my beginner golf practice area, starting with the base to hit golf balls off to then move onto a net to get practice underway. The challenges that I face beside me having a handicap of 31 are,

1) I feel I need to get rid of the muscle memory that I still have from cricket,

2) My favourite shot at the moment is what I term the gardening stroke, this is where I hit the ground before the ball meaning that the ball goes virtually nowhere,

3) I have an underpowered swing. I just don’t seem to be able to create any power.

And finally,

4) Time, or rather the lack of time. Like most, I have to work to put food on the table.

As much as I would love to play golf all day, every day, it’s just not practical or realistic. In some way shape or form, I am hoping that the latest construction of the hitting platform or driving matt to hit golf balls off, coupled with a net to hit golf balls into will assist in combatting the aforementioned challenges to hopefully see vast improvements.

What I maybe didn’t consider at the start of this project, is the quality of practice. So if I am doing things wrong and I do it wrong over and over again, I am essentially practising to become worse, making bad habits 2nd nature instead of a good golf swing. Please do comment below on any aspect of the video.

Constructive feedback will act as my virtual teaching, as at the moment I am looking to travel along with this beginner to par to pro journey alone – well, with the help of you but without any formal or professional PGA lessons. Thank you for watching our video here at Four Seasons Golfer.

We have lots more to come, with course reviews, golf challenges, competitive matches, virtual golf and much more. We are two golfers at each end of the spectrum, at one end we have Phill, who is an ex-pro and a very capable golfer with a handicap of 6 and at the other end, we have Stuart, new to golf with a handicap of 31. Within the informative, competitive and fun content we will also be sharing our golfing journeys, so join us in seeing Stuart go from Beginner to par to pro – hahaha – yeah right! And Phill’s journey which will give valuable insight to any golfer

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