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Smart Ways to Give Your Car a Nice New Look

Not everyone can afford fancy cars right out of the box or costly massive upgrades that will make everyone turn their heads when you pass by. But that does not mean we cannot drive around in nice looking cars. You just need to spend a few dollars here and there to give your car a nice look. And it does not have to be a complicated process; you can start with repainting the car or get mag wheels.

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This article will share other smart ways you can give your car a nice new look without breaking the bank.

Clear the lenses

Some brand-new models in the market are fitted with plastic composite headlights that wear out so fast. You need to replace the old ones with new ones to give your car an upgraded look and improve illumination. This is also a way of improving safety on the road because you will make your car more visible to other motorists and road users at night or in hazy weather.

Customize your seat covers

Old, worn out, torn, and faded seat covers are simple ways to tell if the car needs an uplift. Fixing this is one of the simplest and smartest ways to give your automobile a nice new look.

You can opt for upholstering the entire car seat, which is a more expensive and time-consuming way of pimping your ride. Alternatively, you can go the stylish direction by purchasing matching seat covers.

Clean the engine

Most people focus on the exterior of their cars and forget to maintain what is under the hood. Now, do not rush into cleaning the entire engine because you want to give your vehicle a cool new look. There are specific ways of maintaining the engine that if you do not follow, you may end up with a damaged engine altogether. Invest in cleaning your engine. A clean engine will make your car more comfortable and enhance its overall appearance.

Fix all dents

Nothing makes your car look old more than dents and scratches all over the body. It draws negative attention to the car, making it look older than it is. Do not think of covering dents with paints. Instead, buy auto body parts to replace the old ones. You can get the car fixed with a dent puller at any auto shop near you.

Wax your car

Waxing a perfect way to make your car shine and remove all small scratches and swirl marks from the body. Waxing also protects the car from elemental damage like rust, fading, and small scratches.

Waxing is a cheap and easy way of making your car look nice and new, and you can get wax kits at any local auto store near you.

Fix paint issues

Sometimes all you need is a flawless finish on your car, and this is possible if you fix chipped paints. You can wax the car to protect it from elemental damage, but we all know things happen, like a kid writing on the body or rocks flying from a rough road and damaging the exterior of your car. You can fix these issues by repainting the car with matching colors as the factory touch-up paint.

Tint your windows.

You do not have to go all the way by tinting the entire car. Just three back windows are enough to give your vehicle a nice new look. You can also tint the front windows as long as it is within regulations in your region. However, you may have to drive with the windows open to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law all the time.

Replace Your Floor Mats

Floor mats are among the first things that get worn out in your car. And they are also the first things people see when they get into the car. If yours are not in good shape, then you might need new ones to make the interior of your car well-furnished. Weather-appropriate rubber floor mats should be at the top of your list as they look attractive and also prevent the growth of mold in the car.

Buy new windshield wipers

If you live in an area that receives real weather, then you know what it means to have perfect sets of windshield wipers. You can have your blades cleaned with a microfiber cloth frequently or replace the blades when they show signs of wearing out. Accordingly, use windshield treatment to protect your wipers from unnecessary wear and keep them in top condition.

Some old models come with weak windshield wipers that might necessitate getting a new set altogether.

Use a leather steering wheel cover

Your hands are wrapped around the steering wheel all the time you drive, which makes it almost necessary to upgrade your old one that came with the car. Auto repair stores also make custom steering wheel covers that will make your car look more attractive than it is.

Install a body kit

A body kit is one of the most significant changes you can make in a car, so you have to be sure about it before you can invest in a new body kit. Most body kits are designed to focus on side panels and ground effects. However, you can also get a new hood or bumper that makes your car look a whole new different version of itself.

Spoiler alert: Unless you need a spoiler for the car, you might want to leave it out of your upgrade list. Spoilers can make your vehicle look silly and clunkier than it is.

Bottom Line

Every car owner knows the basics of making a car look nice and new, and many go for regular washing and waxing. However, you may need to go the extra step and make necessary changes and replacements that will make your car more attractive and fresher.

If you want to ensure your car stays in top condition, you should do more than just routine cleaning. Consider replacing all worn out parts and maintaining the car’s engine, and also remember the safety system of your car.

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