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How To Improve Air Quality In Your Office Space

It is no secret that workplace safety is crucial to the comfort and productivity of employees across diverse industries. However, a recent Honeywell and Wakefield poll revealed that 71% of UK workers do not feel secure working on their employers’ premises. Poor air quality is one of the primary factors that can make any office environment unsafe. Fortunately, you can do a lot to ensure that the air in your office space is fresher. Below are four tips to improve air quality in your workplace.

  1. Let natural air in

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Air quality is, without a doubt, one of the critical areas of health and safety in the average workplace. According to experts, inadequate ventilation is one of the prime causes of poor air quality in the workplace. Consequently, consider improving your ventilation by letting a lot of natural air into the office. For this, always open windows and doors when humidity and temperature levels are favourable. The fresh air and natural sunlight that creeps into the office will rotate the air in it, keeping it fresh. 

  1. Change your HVAC filters regularly

Many companies use HVAC systems for their ventilation needs, and yours is likely no exception. Your HVAC contains an air filter that traps impurities like pet dander, dust, and even bacteria from your indoor air. Slowly, these filters can become clogged, making your airflow less powerful, and hastening the accumulation of pollutants in enclosed spaces. This reality can put your employees’ health at significant risk. Therefore, it is no surprise that many health & safety consultants agree that you should change your HVAC filter at least every three to six months to keep your indoor air clean.

  1. Enforce a no smoking policy

Cigarette smoke has carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, fine particulate matter, and many other chemicals that make it pretty harmful. Indeed, numerous studies have proven that exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke can cause lung cancer, asthma, and ear infections in non-smokers. Therefore, enforce a strict no smoking policy at your office to shield non-smokers from involuntary exposure. You can display “no smoking” signs on your company grounds or risk being fined £1,000, according to Gov.UK. Also, ensure that your employees don’t smoke in shared vehicles or enclosed work premises. Instead, encourage smokers to go on designated smoking breaks outside throughout the day. This way, you can keep your indoor air fresh and avoid being fined up to £2,500 for failing to prevent smoking in the workplace, so keep this in mind.

  1. Introduce indoor plants

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Indoor plants are undoubtedly an excellent addition to any workplace. They beautify the office and can improve employee wellbeing. They also absorb carbon dioxide and toxins from the air and release fresh oxygen that is excellent for breathing. Consequently, consider introducing great indoor plants like the spider plant, dracaena, garden mum, aloe vera, peace lily, and snake plants into every room in the office. However, remember that mould typically grows around watered plants, so it would be best to routinely check for and deal with any mould growth.

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