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Organising Parking for your Staff

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Being an employer comes hand in hand with a host of challenges and tasks to complete. Sure, when you first start your business, you may take on the bulk of the work yourself and outsource the rest. But when your business starts to sell its products or services, experience success and notice increased demand, you are going to have to take on staff to help with this. When it comes down to it, your employees will form the backbone of your business, and it’s going to be your responsibility to keep them on board and to ensure that you’re providing them with everything that they need. Now, there are countless articles and pieces of advice out there that will let you know how to arrange everything from hiring the right staff in the first place to conducting team building activities, setting up your office and more. But one often neglected area you may want to pay attention to is staff parking. Here’s everything you need to know on the subject.

Why Consider Providing Staff Parking?

When staff work in offices, chances are, there are a fair number of people who will choose to drive to work over using public transport. Sure, public transport is great, but driving does allow you to travel directly from your door to the workplace with minimal exposure to the elements, other people or having to wait to switch modes of transport along the way. You also get to control the temperature and other factors that can make the journey more pleasant. Of course, if staff are going to drive to work, they’re going to need somewhere to park. By offering parking options, you can ensure that staff can get into work easily, helping to retain the staff that you do have and helping your business to be a more viable option for potential new recruits.

Your Options

Of course, providing parking is going to take some thought and planning. If your commercial premises has a car park attached with sufficient parking for your entire staff base, this is great and chances are you’re sorted. But if not, you’re going to have to provide options.

Creating Your Own Car Park

Do you own your commercial premises or the land surrounding it? If this is the case, you may want to create your own carpark. Sure, this will have a high initial cost, but as time goes on, it will prove more cost effective. You will need to call in professionals to complete this work. You’ll need to ensure that the car park meets health and safety standards, as well as ensuring that the land is safe and approved to build on. You will need professionals in things like tarmacing and you may also need crash barriers installed too.

Expensing Parking

If there’s a private car park nearby, you could allow your staff to expense their parking. This will reduce their outgoings and encourage more staff to work for you, as they won’t feel the hit themselves.

As you can see, providing parking for your staff is pretty important. Hopefully, some of the advice above will help you to provide the best options possible.

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