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Rick Sheils – AMAZING golf shot caught on camera!

Take a look at Rick Sheil’s new YouTube Video.

AMAZING golf shot caught on camera!

See more Rick Sheils here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-g-eiPEnEFE



  1. SilentMott Reply

    Jesus christ a lot of hate for 11 seconds of people’s time. I don’t give a shit about how many shots he took, it was a great shot regardless of your jealousy. I guarantee 99 percent of commenters can’t touch Rick on the course.

  2. Totschlagen1799 Reply

    if it were horseshoes or hand grenades, you’d have made it Rick 😀 Love the content, keep it up.

  3. Andries Du Preez Reply

    Hi Rick I really hope this gets seen could you do a video on how to get back in the game mentally after like 2 3 bad holes how to try and find the groove again

    I sometimes find myself losing a hole to my opponents then mentally it’s catches me

    What do I need to think about to get back in the groove

    Please do a video on that

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