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Rick Sheils – Day 4/6 of walking 150 miles with my golf clubs!

Take a look at Rick Sheil’s new YouTube Video.

See more Rick Sheils here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uybdAHAmybU



  1. Andries Du Preez Reply

    Hi Rick awesome work for charity love it!

    Sorry for posting this but I think scammers are using you to get your fans to pay them money by telling them they are winners of a prize and to get the prize they must pay shipping fees and so

    I got a comment from you and then decided to see what happens they use telegram and so on I went back to my comment on that video now that comment saying I won is removed.

    Just think I should let you know about this.

    Keep up the great work man

  2. adam bell Reply

    Well done Rick I done a 135 mile walk to.silverstone for lymphoma action last year thoroughly enjoyed it

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