Win A Christmas Date Night

In our first gift guide idea and giveaway for Christmas, we bring your the Date Night.

Take a look at the below and tell me spending time with your loved one isn’t important.

Christmas Date Ideas_0108

So the guys at GetDateNight thought a Christmas inspired Date Night box would be the perfect starter for our weekly calendar.

We tried it on Friday and had a wonderful Chocolate Extravaganza

I asked them to sum up what’s great about the Date Night Box.

“Each and every month is a completely different date night experience. Research has shown that couples who share new experiences together are happier in their relationships! With that in mind, we aim to create unusual and inspiring, luxury date night experiences. We work only with high quality and artisan producers and suppliers to ensure that the quality of the products and the overall experiences are something really special. Many of the products and activities we include within the box can be enjoyed more than once so there’s further enjoyment to be had from the Date Night as well.”

So there’s one box up for grabs worth ¬£39.99! Have a look at the rafflecopter below and good luck! Competition finishes on the Sunday 6th November at Midnight .

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Rosalind Sargent

    My perfect date would be with my husband and we would go to the theatre after a lovely meal

    • What to see? Something funny or serious.

      • Rosalind Sargent

        Anything really I have been told that Book of Mormon is funny so would love to go and see that

  • The date would have to include chocolate and wine!

  • Lynsey Buchanan

    My perfect date would be dinner, drinks and then a music gig

  • amy bondoc

    dinner then a walk then a movie. hmm stil looking for someone to take me!

  • Fiona King

    It would be a nice Champagne dinner followed by a walk by the sea

  • Bex Allum

    My perfect date is cinema and dinner with my hubby!

  • Heather Haigh

    A perfect date for me would be a day walking in the countryside with hubby followed by a lovely meal then retreating to a cosy B&B for the night.

  • Becky John

    A candle lit meal with my partner

  • Emma Livesey

    A night at the cinema with my husband

  • My perfect date would be a walk and a picnic with my other half – although maybe not in this weather!

  • caroline walliss

    It would be dinner and cinema with Alan Shearer.x

  • jenniwren12

    a romantic dinner in a very nice hotel with my hubby

  • Hayley F

    My perfect date would be a picnic on the beach with James McAvoy

  • Deborah Clarke

    My perfect date would be just myself and my Fiance snuggling up beside the fireplace watching the nights draw in with a lovely glass of wine or two.

  • Beky Austerberry

    It would be with my hubby and I wouldnt be bothered what we were doing…. just as long as we are together!!

  • Lindsey Stuart

    My perfect date would be with my partner (ofcourse) hehe! Just time out together would be amazing, we would go out for dinner on a romantic beach :) oh that would be lovely!

  • Lorraine Stone

    Nice meal, not rush down in five minutes flat! A cinema visit and a sharing tub of popcorn :)


    my perfect date is with my hubby going on a nice weekend away together with nice food and drinks

  • Sharon stanley

    My perfect date night would be kid free with my fiance and include us going bowling and then on to the movie for a film we both agree on watching. Back here still kid free and some us time without distraction.

  • Megan Adams

    A lovely walk to a country pub on a Summer evening with my partner.

  • Alica

    Dinner and film with my lovely hubby :)

  • Rachie Littleme

    Cinema followed by a meal with my Husband. Just a bit of “us” time without the kids.

  • Jo Hutchinson

    My perfect date night would be with my other half watching an action film at home and no interuptions all the way through.

  • simey68

    Cinema then dinner with the lovely kate Bush

  • Adeinne Tonner

    My perfect date would be with a lovely gentleman and we would go to the cinema as i’m a huge movie fan.

  • Jackie ONeill

    night dinner on the beach with my partner

  • Emma Rawlinson

    A country stroll followed by a pub meal by the fire. With Ryan Gosling would be great ;)

  • Rose

    My perfect date would be my Hubby for a movie night in

  • Mari Sutherland

    A meal out with my lovely husband Lambert Simnel!

  • laura banks

    a nice meal and chillin with a film with the hubby

  • Alison Joyce

    Dinner then a comedy show with my husband preferably with my daughter on a sleepover with my mum so no early starts the morning after.

  • Harry Alty

    Nice meal out followed by ice cream! would take the girlfriend I suppose!

  • anthony harrington

    My perfect date would be a nice meal with my Wife followed by listening to music

  • Chris Fliss

    Perfect date is still my hubby, it would be a movie, meal and champagne

  • cheryl hadfield

    My perfect date would be a nice meal at our favourite restaurant, just me and my husband

  • Robyn Clarke

    I would love to go for a meal then a movie(anything thats not animated!). I would go with my husband.

  • Kevin Bloomfield

    A movie and a bottle of wine with my wife.

  • Steven Young

    Bite to eat, a few drinks then pull shapes on a dancefloor for a few hours with my wife

  • becky yeomans

    My perfect date would simply be a trip to the cinema with a meal afterwards with my partner!

  • Lisa Pope

    Definitely with my husband, dinner & the movies

  • Emma Eminoglu

    I would love a date night with my partner, baby 2 is due today and.we have a 2 year old so never spend quality time together. I would love to go for a meal at a local fish restaurant and have some wine. Then maybe a movie at home.afterwards

  • Tracy Smith

    A picnic at the beach on a warm summer evening with my husband – reminiscent of how he proposed.

  • Andrew Petrie

    It would be me cooking at home for Penelope Cruz. She is a dish and I can serve a dish.

  • Tracy K Nixon

    My perfect date would be a meal in an old fashioned pub in the countryside – with a roaring log fire – then a refreshing walk followed by a few drinks in the bar!

  • Tania Atfield

    Dinner out with my hubby

  • Tracy Hanley

    My perfect date would be with my husband , we would go see a movie and then for dinner and a few drinks

  • Kerry Kilmister

    My perfect date would be with my husband. We have 3 kiddies and don’t get much time alone. So I would love to be able to cook a fantastic meal at home and be able to curl up together watching a movie.

  • Claire Nutman

    What would give it the perfection for me is if there is a little romance, a little connection and spark that evening, some of my best dates have really not included spectacular surroundings or flash restaraunts, its the happy loving life feeling i guess, that you cannot buy.

  • Sophie Lily

    It would probably be something like a taster experience of lots of food .

  • Solange

    A quiet night in with hubby. We’d order our favourite takeaway, get a bottle of wine and some DVDs and snuggle up on the sofa.

  • Olivia Kirby

    With my husband somewhere we haven’t been before, few drinks and a good meal. Preferably somewhere in Italy.
    If someone famous then Mads Mikkelsen.

  • Jenna Kate Parrington

    With my partner Nick and it would have to involve wine and chocolate!

  • Louise

    A musical and dinner would be great!

  • Maggie Drummond

    A walk on the beach with my other half <3
    OR takeaway and movies with my best friend haha, we have more date nights together than we do with our partners lol.

  • Michelle Carlin

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my hubby will take me to see Lazarus the Musical.

  • Jodie Harvey

    A night in with my partner, take away, a few drinks, a film and cuddling up on the sofa :)

  • STiplady

    With my wife, obviously! A quiet night in

  • clairdownham

    a nice meal out with the hubby

  • Christina Curtis

    Perfect date would be with my partner. A lovely meal near a beach somewhere and then a lovely stroll.

  • Rebecca Cusick

    I’d love a nice evening out with no kids! Dinner, drinks then the cinema to see a nice film x

  • Sandy Hill

    Can we go fictional here? Then I’d go with Val Kilmer as he was in the early ’80s or ’90s. I’m thinking the pub in Real Genius, followed by the ice slide they built down the corridor lol. Ah, those were the days :-D

  • Lisa Wilkinson

    It would be going out for a nice meal with my husband :)

  • Kat Allinson

    A lovely meal with my husband, followed by a bottle of prosecco at home with a movie

  • Claire Blaney

    |My perfect date would be with my husband we’d go horse riding in a meadow & after a while there would be a gorgeous picnic where we would sit down & have some amazing treats

  • Iowkati

    I’d love to have a lazy Sunday with my hubby while my kids are entertained elsewhere- lazy brunch followed by long walk on the beach and then a lounge picnic in front of fire

  • Jules Smith Eley

    My perfect date is dinner and a show :) I guess i should say with my husband but if Daniel Craig was free??? ;)

  • Dion Petrie

    My perfect date would be with Jessie J! We could have dinner then she could sing to me all night ?

  • Lorna Peppiatt

    With my partner, movie, dinner and home to glass of wine, cuddles and chill!

  • Kirsty Norton

    I’d quite like a weekend long date in Vegas with my husband (of course)!

  • Jo McPherson

    The perfect date would be a lovely meal then a show. With my hubby of course

  • abuzer kadaaayif

    a nice dinner out and chillin with music and wine with my wife Kursad Ozekin

  • Emma dormer

    OOh cinema,a delicious meal and drinks would be perfect! long gone are our clubbing days ha ha.Love a date night with my husband,must be over 17 years i bet,same age as my eldest! Xx

  • kim neville

    A date with my OH to a nice italian restaurant then go to a live show like Celebrity Juice as we find it hilarious

  • Emily Hutchinson

    A night in with my wife. Some drinks, a nice meal and a good film would suit me just fine!

  • Ashley Phillips

    Dinner in a lovely restaurant that doesn’t kick you out as soon as you’ve finished eating, we would spend the whole evening talking. Communication is so important and all our conversations are in fits and starts when you have to keep stopping to stop the kids from playing up. Obviously my other half would be with me xx

  • SylviaP70

    My perfect date would be my lovely hubby and we would go to see a west end show followed by a night at a swish hotel xx

  • Sharon

    my perfect date would be dinner and a club with channing tatum,he could show me his sexy moves

  • Thomas Buchanan

    as much alcohol as possible followed by a lie in with my lovely partner, susan

  • Kirsti Peters

    My perfect date would be cocktails somewhere swanky, followed by a show then a meal at a Michelin starred restaurant then some hanky panky in a boutique hotel…with champers of course and all this with Alex O’Loughlin (Hawaii 5-O actor)…not sure his wife would like it.

  • MrRichTea

    A picnic in paris by the river with my wife

  • Michaela Hannah

    It would be with the hubby of course and my perfect date night would be a lovely meal in a country pub followed by a few glasses of fizz

  • Jenny Barker

    Love daytime dates, would love a day by the sea side with the other half :0)

  • Sharon Freemantle

    A lovely meal at home then snuggle up and watch a film. And the man well my wonderful hubby of course. ?

  • Lucie M Fish

    I’ve been married to my hubby for 1 and a half years and because we have 4 kids we’ve never been on an actual date without the kidsapart from our honeymoon so anything would be fab lol x


    MY PERFECT DATE NIGHT would be with my lil boy dad and we would go have a meal and then cinema and home to our little boy snuggle up on sofa and watch some tv may not sound great but that was our weekly tradition before our lil boy was born xx

  • Sally Hay

    My perfect date would be going to see the Spanish Riding School with my partner.

  • Donna Large

    meal pictures with my husband

  • Mrs Broomfield

    Other than my husband, it would be with Channing Tatum and somewhere very hot so he wouldn’t need to wear too much!

  • My perfect date would be going to a christmas market with my fianc√© while its snowing, holding hands and drinking hot chocolate to keep warm :) x

  • Sarah Elizabeth Dunne

    My boyfriend of course, I’d love to go out for dinner!

  • Laura Harrison

    With my boyfriend to the cinema, watch a good comedy and then a pub meal afterwards xx

  • Cathy Overgage

    My perfect date would be with my husband rarely go out alone these days so a quiet romantic time would be lovely.

  • curtis linda

    a good film a bottle of wine and a quite night in would be perfect

  • Emma H

    Exploring a new city with my boyfriend then getting milkshakes.

  • Perfect date? Hmm. Probably be the same as the very first date I had with my OH. It was a Chinese Takeaway that he bought from his local chinese because it gave him 10% which was served to me slapped on a plate all together, and then an evening listening to music after having a cheeky snog on his bed lol. Must have been good because we’re still together 18 years later. Must have been the pork balls…

  • Nia Dunn

    Me and Will Smith at a fun fair!

  • Hannah Rowley

    With my hubby, a lovely meal, wine and relaxing watching a film xx

  • Rebecca Cleary

    Becci Cleary –
    A quiet night anywhere with my partner. Even staying in…just us. Like many people work and kids and life gets in the way of spending time together and we both know we need to remember to appreciate eachother more and have fun together….with 4 kids between 1 and 11 and 2 full time jobs it seems an impossibility at the moment!

  • Karl Borowy

    10th oct wedding with wife

  • MotorAmarth

    My perfect date would be watching my favourite band play an intimate gig with my fiance

  • Carly Belsey

    My perfect date would be with my partner as we dont get much time alone. Just a nice meal and some quality “untired” time having a meal and a giggle :-)

  • louise clarke

    My perfect date would be dancing with John Travolta in a 50s bar like in Pulp Fiction

  • Lesley Walsh

    A West End musical and dinner out with my OH.

  • Helen S

    My perfect date would be with Jose Mourinho; he could teach me the offside rule, I’d be all ears!

  • barbara daniels

    my hub of 22 years…..

  • Paula Cheadle

    an evening dinner with my hubby, NO KIDS

  • Amanda Greensmith

    A nice meal and a stroll along the seafront with hubby x

  • Claire Thomson Little

    dinner and drinks with Kit Harrington.

  • Rachel King

    my perfect date would be fish and chips on the beach at sunset with my husband

  • Patricia Avery

    My perfect date would be a long walk with hubby near water, be it sea, river or lake. When completed exhausted I would love to eat a meal somewhere quiet and relaxed :)

  • Tammy Neal

    romantic candle light dinner then snuggles with the other half watching movies <3 xx