Escape the Room – Board Game Review and Competition

When someone asks if you’d like to escape the room, on a long day at work I feel just like doing that.

I’ve been someone that looks from afar at the “Locked IN” style group ativities and days out and thinks how amazing that would be. There’s part of me that’s scared to think “What if I failed?”. I’m very competitive as you’re about to find out.

So not only do I get the opportunity to review the latest “Escape the Room” game from Paul Lamont Games, Secret of Dr Gravely’s Retreat, but one lucky winner will too! Competition at the bottom.

There’s another thing that you should know before reading this, we’re a very competitive family and would happily take on anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Looking at the box, I was thinking how could this really be as interesting, entertaining or as difficult as being locked in a real room.

With the requirement of 3-8 players Bethany, Rachel and I got our brews ready and opened the box. I’m not entirely sure what we were expecting but on seeing a loads of envelopes, an instruction manual and a spiral turn thing we all looked at each other like OK, is this it? Expected time was 2 hours for 3 players.

I’m not one for following the instructions but I really didn’t want to spoil the experience by guessing what we had to do next. I think the challenges we were going to face were enough already.

So carefully opening up the instructions and following them one sentence at a time, we started our story at Dr Gravely’s Retreat.

So we set the timer, the door was locked and we needed to escape the room!

Now I’m not going to sit here and tell you exactly what happened I’m not one of those #SpoilerAlert type people. That would just be completely unfair. So here’s a snap to sum up the whole experience.

You’ve got it right, it was tense, exciting and as a family we all bonded together to work as a very effective team.

It wasn’t all calm though and from the outset you’d be thinking there may be divorce on the cards but no, we’re both on the same page and with three strong characteristics, it’s always going to be thrilling.



So the question is, did we escape?


We did it and we completed the challenging way too! But how long did it take I hear you ask? Well on a 2 hour timer this is what we had left without adding any time or stopping. It was a team effort even though Bettie went to be about 15 minutes before the end.

I can’t believe how quick the time went. The pure idea of playing a game for 2 hours seemed mesmerising at the start but in the end, it went so quick because it was fun, were honestly in the game, feeling the story and part of it. What a well curated game. As you can see from above we finished with 49 minutes spare! I think that’s a win there for the Palmer family.

So this game is brilliant and if like us, you’ve got a young family so you can’t necessarily get away or if you’ve got friends coming over you need to get this!

So the massive question is, can you beat our time? We’ve got a copy of the game to give away as a competition prize. So enter via the Rafflecopter below and we wish you good luck. You’re going to need it! Hahaha.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you don’t win, you can always pick up a copy on Amazon. At only £14.95, it’s an investment for the fun and time it takes!

  • Tracy K Nixon

    Ant, Dec and David Walliams as they would keep me entertained!

    • We are at gangsta granny! Hopefully david will be here.

  • angela boucher

    My son, my husband and my dog.

  • Solange

    Former President Obama, Jesus and Steve Jobs.

  • laura banks

    david boreanaz, Matthew Gray Gubler and the hubby

    • Who are the first two?

      • laura banks

        one is in bones and the other is in criminal minds

  • Hali Kinson

    David walliams, Simon cowell, Obama

    • That would be an interesting panel for a game show.

  • Liam Bishop

    This looks cool! I think I’d just pick my 3 best mates, we’d have a crate of beers and just have a laugh. Have a chill without all the kids, get some peace!

    • Haha so you’re saying you’d just stay locked in

      • Liam Bishop

        Absolutely. Finally get some rest!

  • Tom J Morrison

    Peter Kay, Bradley Walsh and James Corden

    • Bradley Walsh Outtakes. Just google them so hilarious. Good choices

  • clairdownham

    my hubby and 2 children

    • You want to lock your whole family in a room? Haha. Worked for Harry Potter right

  • Lydia

    I’d choose Derren Brown, Louis Theroux and Mary Berry.

    • A second Louis Theroux. A popular choice! Think him and Derren would be amazing.

  • Emily Hutchinson

    Stephen Fry to amuse, Stephen Hawking to fathom out our escape and Delia Smith for the snacks.

  • Sharon

    channing tatum melissa mccarthy and robbie williams ,great entertainment package hehe

    • Haha would you want to escape?

      • Sharon

        not really hehehehe ;-)

  • Leila Benhamida

    Stevie Wonder, Paul Hollywood and Miranda

    • Stevie wonder may have a few issues with the escape bit but imagine the tunes!

  • Iowkati

    Houdini to crack on with the escape. Ant & Dec to make me laugh!

    • Haha! Only issue with that is it’s logic not magic and Ant can’t see “I’m blind Dec”

  • Christina Curtis

    My Partner, Niece and Best Friend

  • Lucy Major

    Louis Theroux, Stephen Mulhern and my Mum

    • OMG That’s probably the most out there choices but wouldn’t that be entertaining. How would your mum feel?

  • Jo Hutchinson

    My Partner, Best Friend and Peter Kay

  • lorraine kirk

    A locksmith, Jesus and a psychiatrist.

  • Jayne Kelsall

    My 2 girls and Gordon Ramsey so we could pick his brains for some cooking tips and skills ! .x

  • kim neville

    My OH, Keith lemon and my best friend