Win Corporate Dad’s Customised Chocolate!

If you read my blog you’ll know I’m on the Dad Diet. You know what, it’s going bloody great as well!

But let’s not get hung up on what’s healthy as this is all about that milky brown gold, chocolate!

Dicky over at Morse Toad asked me if I’d like to try out their customised chocolate bars. I couldn’t resist and we had some laughs discussing the fun you could have with the messages.

The obvious love ones are great but something like a nickname or a naughty phrase would be hilarious.

Now me being me didn’t want to pass this opportunity up so I asked nicely and I’ve got this gorgeous bar here waiting for a winner!

It looks amazing and I promise not to nibble some of the chocolate.

There’s also a 10% discount code if you use corporatedad at checkout here:

Most importantly here’s good old faithful, Rafflecopter, to take your entries and randomly pick a winner!

Good luck.

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  • cheryl hadfield

    I would write I love You in Chocolate for my hubby. Good luck with the weight loss, I myself have now lost 3st 6lbs by following slimming world at home and feel so much better for it.

    • Thanks. Yeah not a diet per say more a lifestyle change. Going great. Congrats on the huge weight loss. Maybe no chocolate for you

      • cheryl hadfield

        even with slimming world chocolate is allowed, a little bit of what you fancy does you good, its all about balance

  • Solange

    Sweet like chocolate for my OH.

  • Lynsey Buchanan

    Happy Birthday

  • Alica

    Merry Chrimbo! :)

  • Katie Hardman

    Love you H & A – my sons initials xx?

  • Kat Lucas

    Happy Birthday as my stepdaughter’s birthday is on Christmas day

  • Lisa Mauchline

    I would write ‘Mummy’s Chocolate’ so everyone knows its mine and its not for them

  • Nicole

    I would write ‘Santa’s Coming’ from Elf! :)

  • G13NN H

    Number One Dad

  • Paul Wilson


  • Katie b

    Soppy I love you for the boyfriend, it’s our anniversary soon.

  • Mirjana

    Happy Birthday

  • Jo Hutchinson

    Merry Xmas

  • Leila Benhamida

    Best Year Ever

  • louise clarke

    yummy! simple but what i would be thinking

  • Tracy K Nixon

    Merry Christmas!

  • Jo McPherson

    I’d have Happy Christmas

  • kim neville

    Happy Christmas

  • emma walters

    happy xmas daddy!

  • Probably “Hands Off” so I could have it to myself :p

  • Emma Davison

    lovely jubbly

  • Kelly Jones

    Save me some!

  • sharon martin

    Merry Christmas

  • moonray69

    I’d write Happy Xmas!

  • Liane Amos

    Love from chocolate


    Happy Christmas!

  • Kristy Leanne Brown

    Monsta’s Choc

    • Who’s Monsta?

      • Kristy Leanne Brown

        Our lucky hubby/daddy ;)

  • Sarah Wilson

    Love you!

  • Paula Cheadle


  • Emma

    Love you lots!

  • valbuk

    50 years and counting

  • amy bondoc


  • Emma Rawlinson

    I’d choose ‘Happy birthday!’

  • ray

    Eat me

  • Farhana

    Don’t Touch. It’s mine!

  • louise

    ‘MINE ALL MINE!’ but I don’t think that would stop thieving fingers lol

  • Could always do with a bit of chocolate, good luck on the diet!

  • laura banks

    have a great xmas

  • Jo Carroll


  • Chestnut

    eat me!

  • Alison

    Id write Hands Off! because everyone always eats my chocolate!

  • Carole

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

  • Olivia Kirby

    You’re Getting Fat (to myself)

  • I Love You

    • Ah thanks but it’s a random winner so no bribery with words haha.

      • Haha, Oops – I meant it as a gift for my Mum – maybe I should have said that.

        • Haha I know only kidding! I’m sure your Mum would love it.

  • Lucy Major

    I would write “Merry Christmas BFF” for my mum

  • elizabeth doody

    Tidy your room! (Might give them an incentive)

  • Christine Lockley

    Choc o holic

  • Donna Large

    merry christmas

  • Marrian

    An inspirational quote or phrase.

  • Karen R

    Top Dog – Cat’s World – it’s a bit of a family joke :)

  • Maria Knight

    i wont tell the dentist if you wont :)

  • Rowena Wood

    This is Mummy’s only!

  • bella smyth

    Best pops ever! x

  • Jane

    yay christmas

  • sarah mills

    I love my daddy x

  • Jane Middleton

    Happy Birthday Grandson

  • Andrea A

    Merry Xmas and I’d give it to my brother.

  • MrRichTea


  • Joanna Coleshill

    Get in my belly!

  • Merry Christmas

  • Patricia Avery

    I’d have ‘Love you Loads’ for my wonderful hubby of 47 years :)

  • Jules Smith Eley

    Happy Birthday!

  • Leanne Lunn

    I would write… hands off it’s mine! haha

  • Jamie Millard

    u can’t touch this!

  • Lynne OConnor

    Child Free Zone

  • Ellie Spider

    Mine…alll mine

  • Karl Borowy

    to josefa love Karl