#baby #babyshower #dudesanddiapers

So this isn’t the expected place to start with this news but tomorrow 26th Jan 2016 my wife Rachel will be induced to add our new addition to our family! I know right.

So as a blogger I’ll be revealing everything that’s going to be happening and has happened in no chronological order but more as I can when it comes out and when I get inspiration, time and things to write about. I’m sure that I’ll have loads of things to write about as there’s a number of MASSIVE things happening in the next week. I can’t wait, I’m not nervous and it’s the thing that I’ve dreamt about for years.

So the profile picture is something amazing! This is Dudes and Diapers. Women have baby showers and I had 10 blokes eating baby food and drinking beer from a bottle. How American and we loved it! Why should the girls have the fun, I bought the beer and they bought fun and friendship in to a time where I really didn’t do much apart from clean and help as much as I can.

So thank you Rachel for allowing that one night off, and thank you lads for an awesome night.

I better get some sleep as there’s going to be a new addition tomorrow.

Phill x