Today could well be one of my favourite days #baby #newborn #labour #induced

Today could well be one of my favourite days #baby #newborn #labour #induced

This week has been one of the most inspirational in my life! I’ve never been so proud of my wife, daughter Betty and our latest addition!

Let me tell you the story of Dorothy.

Rachel and I have been dreaming about another addition to our already perfect family which existed of Bethany (My step daughter), Rocky our big grey cat, Lola our tabby, Jim the ginger Tom and Grace our Pointer. We’ve tried for years to create another miracle to go with this crazy crowd and finally resorted to science to aid our search.

pregnancytestNow the story of our IVF project is too long to summarise here but let’s say it worked!

It’s not been an easy ride as my wife has gone through a lot of injections, possibilities of rejection and ultimately the possibility of it not working! But at the point of posting this image on Instagram I was on my way to the hospital to hold the hand of my wife and support her through labour. This day felt like the culmination of years worth of work all crammed into 24 hours. There was Anti Natal lessons to remember, the decisions and birth plans that we’ve gone through and the safety of my wife.

So here’s to the future of the Palmer family, our new addition and remembering where we all came from.