My Love for Bethany – The Meeting

I never had an immediate father figure in my upbringing and my philosophy through life is to be the one I never had. What I didn’t realise was that it was going to be sooner than expected.

For when Mrs P and I first started talking it was made very clear that there’s a special person in her life who’d 6 years old, full of¬†butterflies and smells like candy! She still does ūüôā I’m so glad it was made aware to me before we met because at that time in my life, I could only just about look after myself let alone a child!

Now we took things slowly and in those next coming months, gave me the time to think about where this is going and how do I feel. I felt like it was something great and as Mrs P and I were really hitting it off it made me seriously make a decision. I’d heard so many good things about this little bundle of joy and¬†after a 6 month period of making sure the time was right I wanted to meet her.

This stage was important as we’d both decided that should Beth not like me (Or vice versa) that would be¬†a massive issue and a potential deal breaker.

So we decided to meet at a well known park with lots of friends where¬†Beth was in her element and I¬†didn’t see too much as a new addition. I was the friend from London.


As Beth will recall to this day “I didn’t understand you for the first few months that I knew you!” I believe this to be a lie as she was always first in the Ice Cream queue.


Picture taken from the first time we met!

Friends classed me as a natural and I really enjoyed spending time with someone who questions the world and is constantly learning new things and concepts.

Now our story is a long one and it leads to today where Bethany and Dorothy are my daughters, equal in love, equally mad! This is the first post of many many more. Love you Bettie! x

Love for my Daughters