Keeping your Children Drinking Water

If you’re anything like me at the moment, I am chugging the bottles of water. Hydrating is a key part of my diet and sometimes it’s easy to forget those around you.

It makes me think how de-hydrated I have been in the past especially when I’ve been on holiday, or the one event where we experience a hot summer. It is important that you keep your kids well hydrated. Most children love being outdoors in the summer months. They spend hours and hours playing outdoors, participating in physical activity, and this can put them at risk of dehydration. In order to avoid this, you will need to take steps to ensure your kids are sufficiently hydrated.


Tips to Keep your Kids Hydrated

Children have more bodily fluids than adults, which means it takes less time for them to become dehydrated. It is important to replace any fluids lost by sweating immediately to ensure kids stay healthy.

In most cases, by the time your child is complaining about being thirsty, they will have already started to become dehydrated.

As it can be difficult to get kids to drink enough water, here are some simple tips that will help you to keep your kids’ fluids up in the heat:


Feed Them Fruit

Most fruits contain a high amount of water and they are, of course, a healthy snack option, So, if you have trouble getting enough water into your children, offer them a few pieces of their favourite fruits instead.

A lot of fruits can even be put in the freezer and served frozen for a cooling treat.


Filter Your Water

When it comes to kitchen hacks, you can’t beat a water filter. You may find that your kids are more likely to drink water if it has been filtered through one of the top water filter jugs on the market. Let’s face it, tap water doesn’t always taste all that good, but when you put it through a filter that removes various contaminants and chill it in the fridge for a while, it suddenly becomes very good that you will probably be able to encourage the children to drink it.

Go for Veggies

If your kids like their veggies, you can up their hydration levels by giving them things like lettuce, cucumber and tomato, which all have a high water content, and which are perfect for creating refreshing summer picnic salads.


Try Coconut Water

Coconut water is the ideal hot weather drink because, not only is it very hydrating, but it also contains many vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, which are vital to children when they are out playing in the summer sun. It beats giving the little ones’ fizzy drinks too!


Add Ice

Adding ice to every drink you give your children will not only keep them cool, but it will also add an extra water boost, thus increasing hydration levels a little bit throughout the day.

Although the tips above should ensure that your child is adequately hydrated, if they are showing any of the tell-tale signs of dehydration in children, such as drowsiness, dry skin, weakness or limpness of the body, and a decrease in the number of toilet trips they take, you should seek immediate medical advice.

You need to ensure all is well with them, and to make sure that they get the treatment they need. Dehydration can be very serious, so you must be on the look-out for any symptoms when it is very hot.


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