Why Corporate Dad?

I’ve wanted to get into blogging for a long time. After setting up my wife’s blog (Phenomenal Success) there’s always been something at the back of my mind that’s made me want to do it!

Sitting down for a couple of days to look at my possibly options the thought of not having enough time to do this really came through in my decision making process. How can I juggle a corporate life, a growing family household and blog about hobbies and interests? Where’s the time for hobbies and interests?

I’m SURE these thoughts about juggling the corporate world, having a new baby, keeping a happy family and ensuring that work doesn’t suffer is held by many workers, fathers to be and more.

So Corporate Dad it is! With this blog will come YouTube videos when I have time explaining the different gizmos and gadgets that are in my life to make it slightly easier.

So enjoy the blog, if you need to get me email phillpalmer@me.com and I hope you enjoy what I write.