Being part of The Dad Network has had some amazing advantage of the past year.

One of the main ones is meeting fellow legendary Dads like Adam!

Without knowing us personally/offline, he’s committed to the cause and together we’ll be able to take on the walls the Romans built!

It’s a massive ask to come all the way up, so I’ve asked Adam what really matters to him and why is he doing this!

What does achievement mean to you?

Means I have done something to be proud of also something that my children would be proud of.

What do you think is going to be the hardest thing about this challenge?

Hardest thing would be getting fit as being a dad comes with a few ‘weighty’ issues. Also being away from my family for what may seem a short space of time to some is in fact a long time for others.

Charity nickname is:


Is this your first time doing a challenge like this?

No I have done lots I grew up within the scouting movement so I have done many treks/walks raising money along the way. I also spent time in Peru trekking and doing charity work.

Who are you walking for?

This trek is the start of a new me!

Why are you doing this charity challenge?

Raise money for charities, to bring some self belief back into my life. ADHD&Autism support group have supported both my sons and Mencap are close to my heart also.