Having worked with Josh for a year, I was amazed that he’d commit to support me so easily.

The art of a good friendship is when you ask them to do the impossible and they go a step further. It’s easier to help when everything is easy. When I told Josh about the Hadrian’s wall walk and what was entailed he quickly agreed that the cause was great and that there was an a charity close to his heart too.

Here’s Josh’s heartfelt answers to who, where and why!

What does achievement mean to you?

I am naturally competitive and driven. Small wins to me are massive and I always want to push myself. So to complete this challenge I will know i need to be in great physical and mental shape, but that feeling at the end will so be worth it!

What do you think is going to be the hardest thing about this challenge?

I think mentally getting yourself set each morning will be the toughest element. That or having to listen to some of Phill’s terrible jokes :)

Charity nickname is:


Is this your first time doing a challenge like this?

I have completed tough mudder twice and have completed the three peaks. Two great, tough but truly rewarding experiences.

Who are you walking for?

This Trek┬ámeans a lot. It’s out of my comfort zone. It’s tough. There will be times we will just want to stop….But we can’t and we will crack on! I think doing it as a team. All of a similar fitness and determination means the comeraderie will be amazing and will pull us through

Why are you doing this charity challenge?

Two reasons. Two raise money for a fantastic charity, that has personally helped my family but helps people throughout the UK during life altering moments. Secondly I love a challenge. This will be tough. But we will get it done!