As the brains behind the operation I feel a massive responsibility to achieve.

I’m not one to just sit around and do nothing. In the past six months I’ve worked with nutritionists¬†on the Dad Diet, lost 14kg, been flown to Paris to represent the Dad Network all the time trying to be the best Dad and Husband I can be.

What does achievement mean to you?

Achievement is not just the event but all of the training leading up to it. it’s a big responsibility and I’ll be leaving my family to train and there’s a cost implication involved too. So achievement to me is creating memories for my family to be proud and make all the hard work worth it.

What do you think is going to be the hardest thing about this challenge?

My body not giving up on me! Having a bad back and tight ligaments, it’s a really tough one and I hope I can carry on despite this. It’ll also be hard to leave my family but knowing I’m doing something amazing, and hopefully having a very healthy sponsorship, will push me over the line.

Charity nickname is:


Is this your first time doing a challenge like this?

I trained for the three peaks for a year but unfortunately, someone broke my jaw a few weeks before which put me out of the running. So this will be massive for me and there’s a lot of training to be done.

Who are you walking for?

An opportunity to create everlasting memories for my family and support the charities that’ve supported my disabled twin brother throughout his life.

Why are you doing this charity challenge?

My Twin Brother Reece has cerebral palsy from birth and when we were younger, he receved lots of care and attention. He still does moving forward and it’s only right for me to support charities that help him so much. Living with my Nan down South I don’t get to see him anywhere near as much as I would like. Hopefully he’ll understand what I’m doing and while I’ve had the opportunities in life he’s never had, I’ll be doing this for him