Would I Be a Failure If…..

I need your help as I have a dilemma.

I’m not normally one to ask for comments or opinions but I’m really torn.

Doing Hadrian’s Wall training now for about 6 months, I’ve only carried nearly full bag twice. That’s 25kg.

Having only carried it twice, first time was ok and second I strained my ankle which has now led to Achilles pain on the same foot.

I had a look for potential solutions and the obvious one is to carry less. So a support driver or another option.

Heavy items in the bag are tent, sleeping bag, food for the week and spare clothes. All non essential for the daytime walking.

As we don’t have a support driver, one option is a baggage drop service where they’ll take 15kg to your next campsite. This means effectively my bag could weigh 10kg and make the trek loads more enjoyable.

But is using the baggage support cheating? Especially considering we’re doing it for charity?

Please give me your honest views not just the ones you think I wanna hear.

Appreciate it,Phill