Becoming a Daddy Blogger – First 2 Months

So I’d say I’m half way through the 2nd month now and what an experience.

I’ve spoken to some amazing fellow bloggers who’ve told me how much they value my posts, dad’s who have suffered in silence without the dad network and people in the know tell me how much they like what I’m doing.

I never expected such validation and it’s really heart warming to hear all of the nice things people are saying.

But blogging isn’t all about me and my family.

In the 7 weeks,  I’ve been contacted by a number of organisations that are supporting young children with nutritional advice and asked to represent in parliament for their launch as a daddy blogger!

I’ve had a number of conversations with felow dad’s and found out how lonely it can be when othere around your haven’t got children and don’t want to change.

One of the biggest impacts is from the Dad Network. They’ve asked me to organise their Central Manchester local events and meetups for other dad’s in the surrounding areas. What an honour!

So it’s been an eventful month on the blog, but I suppose the journey only really starts here.

Thanks to everyone for supporting me so far. Your views, likes and comments haven’t gone unnoticed.


Phill x