Golfing and me!

My name is Phill Palmer and I’m a golfer! There I said it.

When I was 15 I used to play on the wing. I was a pretty good footballer, no natural talent but lots of energy and passion. I tried hard! Well my knees unfortunately didn’t want to keep up with the rest of me and I found myself often sidelined. So my granddad said I should play golf and gave me my first set of clubs. I immediately picked up the game “After hitting footballs for months due to me missing the ball” and was given a golf membership on my 16 birthday to the local municipal club.

So when I took up golf I stopped my dream of being a footballer, I think it’s when every man realises that you’re not going forward with the footy career and it’s a major day. It was sad but I’d set my dream on becoming a professional golfer and you know what I became one!

So at 19 years old I gave up golf! I had reached my peak after hitting 18 years old and I hadn’t got any better at all. I was playing off 4.6 and my game wasn’t getting any better. So I gave up the game and went to work! After a year of working I played golf with my boss at the time and shot a level par round after not picking up the clubs for 6 month and he said to me “hand in your notice and become a professional golfer!” and I did.

I’ll be telling you more about my golfing history and the professional story as we go. But for now here’s two of my favourite pics! One playing golf in Dubai and another after playing my socks off at a Ryder Cup style event in Preston.



One of golf shots from Fishwick #golf #golfcourse #preston #birdie #tigerwoods #amateur #instagolf