My First Vlog / Youtube Video Walkthrough

Well it was only a matter of time that I looked at the world of vlogging.

With so many bloggers turned vloggers I felt it was my time to try it out and report back to you on what was good, easy and what was bad and god damned hard! So here goes:

Let’s look at what equipment I already have:

  • A sturdy Canon EOS 650D. Had it for about 3 years now and it’s old faithful. It is pretty massive but the quality of photos are unreal. It does video so let’s use this.
  • Microphone. I bought one off ebay for about £20. It had really good reviews so fingers crossed.
  • Stand/Tripod. Having a keen photographer in the family, me, there are many tripods littered about. The one I used has a middle section that you can extend to get a top down view.
  • Lens. Standard canon 18-55mm.

The Setup:

Let me set the scene, we all had really disruptive sleep as Dorothy would not settle at all. Bless her, teeth are coming through at a rate of knots and it must be awfully painful. So we all had really broken sleep. Having woken up at 6am I couldn’t get myself back down as that’s my normal get up for work time. So I took myself downstairs and waited for the sun to come up.

At the bottom of our garden is a nice decked area and I thought this is perfect. Nice light, good background and no noise. How I was proven wrong. It’s amazing how loud birds can be and a flock flew over while filming to warmer climates. Setting up was really difficult even though I had a tripod and the screen can flip over on the camera.

I wanted the lens on manual as the autofocus can be really noisy and ruin videos. So setting it to manual I made a few cockups but eventually got an alright setting.


I’m never really short of things to say but my god did I waffle! I looked at all the footage after and there’s 30 minutes of it all. I really need to constrain that down. Whatever you do, have a plan. As it’s my intro it’s 6 minutes long but in future it’s 3 mins after editing max. Have bullet points about 5-10 and give your self 20 -30 seconds on each. I reckon then some cut shots or vocals. Need to tell a story not waffle like I did.

Sound Quality:

I messed up badly! The sound of my video is awful and I don’t know why. I feel like the mic needs one of those furry things on it. There’s too much background noise and I had to do lots of editing.


I’ve got an iMac, it might be old but it’s super powerful. Using iMovie it was ok. Used it for plenty of hours and it’s fairly straight forward. But it’s too easy. I recommend Final Cut Pro X, but it’s expensive so look at what you’ve got to spend.


Videos editing and now ready for exporting. Took about an hour in total. That was the download as an mp4 file, then upload to Youtube. Didn’t expect this long at all.



It’s great for editing post upload. I wish I’d had a look before hand as it would have saved me some faffing.


Amazing quality footage with appalling sound. Took me far too long to do and get up on the web. My suggestions for those not looking to become a full time vlogger is to use the streaming/live functions. So easier and it’s instant. For those looking to go into vlogging the camera was awesome, so glad I had it. There’s a lot of quality handheld and I’ve heard the Canon GX7 is amazing. Invest wisely and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


P.s. Top tip. Get some sleep before shooting and definitely wear a Dad Network T-Shirt 🙂


  1. I’ve been thinking about starting a vlog for a little while, just trying to workout what kind of format I want. Thanks for posting this, it might be the last push I need to actually start vlogging.

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