GMB Speak Out over Hillsborough 95 Manslaughter Charges

On a day in which David Duckenfield faces Hillsborough 95 charges of manslaughter, GMB union speak out for the families that deserve justice.

It’s only recently that I’ve fully appreciated the impact that the Hillborough disaster has had on the people of Liverpool and the North West. I have friends who have their own recollections of that day and these words from the GMG union really only give us a small but emotional take on this disaster.

From their latest release the GMB union, which represents thousands of workers on Merseyside – and whose General Secretary was at Hillsborough on the day of the disaster – has responded to the decision of the CPS to bring charges against those involved in the 96 deaths.


The union has long campaigned for justice for the victims and their families, with Margaret Aspinall, chair of the Hillsborough Family Support Group, most recently addressing GMB members at the annual congress just last year.


Tim Roache, GMB General Secretary said:


“I was at Hillsborough that day. I saw kids being carried around on makeshift stretchers, made out of advertising hoarding. I saw people having their chests pumped by fellow fans desperately trying to breath some life back into them. I will never forget that day. I drove home completely numb, in the days before mobile phones it hadn’t occured to me my mum would be frantic.”


“Walking up to my front door the I could hear the phone ringing and ringing. When I picked up my mum burst into tears, but I’ve never shaken the sadness of knowing for so many other families, their kids didn’t pick up. No one should have to wait 28 years for justice.¬†Hillsborough families have done their loved ones proud.


“They’ve never forgotten. They’ve never given up”


“People must now be held accountable for what happened not just on that day, but in the days, weeks, months and years after.”

My thoughts are with those that have had to re live that fateful day everytime it’s been in the news, there’s been a court case or it’s been used in political propaganda. You deserve justice and it’s due so you can finally lay your loved ones to rest.


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