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Meeting Clients in Amazing Places #MediaCity

In my role as a consultant I work with a lot of companies throughout the UK in various locations. CityTowerSome good some not so nice but all that have their own charm and story. From the small warehouse that puts clothing lines together for some of the largest retailers in the world through to the all glass high rise offices that overlook some of the busiest financial districts in London and Manchester. My work keeps me busy and takes me to some amazing places and I get to work with clients that really value what I do. This particular day in Media City saw me discussing the recruitment strategy with one of the largest Betting Media company in the UK. Working with the largest gambling companies they provide the media to bring it all to life. Working in a consultancy basis, I become accustomed to dealing with people’s problems and issues and looking at various ways in which the best possible outcome could be achieved. Whether it’s attrition or attraction, EVP or Employer Brand. They put their trust in me to find a suitable solution. Life could have been very different for me growing up on a council estate to a single parent mum but I made sure I pulled myself together and battled every day to be the best I could in school and the activities followed. You’ve only got yourself to blame for life’s failures and should pat yourself on the back for the successes. Only you control your destiny and the outcomes so make sure you’re pointing in the right direction and keep walking towards it.  ]]>

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