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Boost your Marketing Efforts with a Vehicle

When you run a business, you’re always thinking of new and engaging ways to promote it. Marketing is an essential part of any going concern and ensures that any firm can grow. As you can imagine, the smaller the business, the more important it is to promote it on a regular basis. Let’s face it; there are a plethora of ways that you could market any business. For example, the Internet provides a wealth of advertising opportunities. And let’s not forget ‘traditional’ offline methods like newspaper and magazine ads. But, marketing campaigns that boast a high conversion rate are unique and memorable ones. Business leaders try to figure out all kinds of weird and wonderful ways to get their brand noticed by folks. One interesting way is through the use of vehicle advertising, believe it or not. If that’s not something you have explored before, it’s worth giving it a go! In today’s blog post, I want to talk to you about how a MINI, of all cars, can supercharge your marketing efforts! Why the MINI, in particular? The thing about the MINI is that it’s an iconic car brand in the UK. The history of the marque dates back way before the days of BMW ownership. It’s a car brand that has been a familiar sight on British roads for several decades, both in old and new formats. Even people that aren’t necessarily into cars can’t help but have a soft spot for the MINI. It’s a stylish car that anyone can adapt and feature in a variety of marketing campaigns! Aside from its looks, another reason the MINI gets chosen for marketing campaigns is down to cost. They are affordable cars to lease and run by businesses! Plus, they are also cheap to buy outright through websites like www.coopermini.co.uk. Some business leaders might have grand designs to use cars like Ferraris instead. But, they are obviously quite a bit more expensive to use! Okay, so we know that the MINI is a good bet for anyone looking to promote their brand. But, how can the car get used for marketing purposes, I hear you ask? Here are a few examples and ideas of what you might wish to do. How you approach your marketing with the MINI will depend on your budget and the message you want to convey. Football theme It has to be said that football is something almost anyone around the world can associate with the UK! It’s a sport that most of Britain follows and enjoys to some degree. If you’re looking for a way to connect with your target audience, football is a proven method. I know what you’re thinking: what has football got to do with the MINI? Well, there are scores of ways you can join the two to kick-off a compelling marketing campaign! For instance, let’s say that you are a car dealer wishing to run a promotion during the World Cup. You could brand a few models with the flags or colours of the countries in the final stages. Next, you can invite your potential customers to enter a competition to win a MINI by voting for a car! Another example might be to use two or three MINIs as part of a game of car football. Yes, you read that right; real-life cars could play football! Such a publicity stunt is a sure-fire way to draw in crowds of onlookers in any public area. Certain safety procedures must get carried out of course, for obvious reasons! If you’re a fan of Top Gear, you might remember the team did the Car Football World Cup Final. It was a feature filmed during the time of the 2008 World Cup and had some small hatchbacks. You could create a similar stunt using a few MINIs and perhaps an oversized football for extra effect! Drink station on wheels Do you run a business selling drinks? Perhaps you might sell soft drinks or even energy drinks? Whatever refreshments your business sells, a MINI can be a cool way to market your brand in many places. One notable example of an intriguing refreshments marketing campaign involves Red Bull. The well-known energy drink company got a MINI and modified the chassis. In a nutshell, they converted the car into a MINI pickup truck! Of course, Red Bull didn’t stop there because they wanted to create maximum impact with their vehicle. What they did next was to mount a giant model of a Red Bull can on the back of the MINI! Wishing to give people some of their famous drinks, the empty space in the back got turned into a fridge. People curious about the Red Bull MINI could also enjoy a cold drink while they admired the vehicle! Red Bull used a standard three-door MINI Hatch for that particular vehicle. In fact, it was so successful, Red Bull had over 500 of those MINIs built for them worldwide! If you’re intrigued, check out www.a2zfx.com to see the process of how each one got made. Of course, you don’t have to go to such extremes as ‘chopping’ a MINI to promote a drinks brand. For instance, you could vinyl wrap the car with your branding. Next, you can use it as part of a ‘scene’ display somewhere like an outdoor space or a shopping mall. There are hundreds of ways you can use the MINI to promote your refreshments brand! Branding Okay, so you might be thinking that using the MINI as part of your brand’s logo is a bit odd. But, it’s something that can pay dividends for your marketing efforts. As you already know, the MINI is an iconic car that almost everyone recognises. What you also know is that it’s a memorable vehicle too. You want to make your brand as memorable as possible; see where I am going with this? A firm in America, Women’s Automotive Solutions, uses a MINI as part of their branding. To help promote their brand, they have a vinyl-wrapped MINI Cooper that gets driven as a daily driver. If your business is part of the automotive industry, it’s an idea worth considering! Is the MINI worth the marketing investment? So far, you have seen a few real-life examples of how the MINI can play a major role in your marketing efforts. But, you might be wondering if it’s worth your investment? In short, the answer is yes! Major chassis changes aside, the MINI is a small car that is cheap to use as part of any branding exercise. One notable fact of the car is that it’s available in many different formats. We all know about the familiar three-door Hatch. But, there are many styles you can get, such as the Convertible and the estate-like Clubman. The idea of any marketing campaign is to impress your customers and be memorable. When you use something familiar to everyone like the MINI, it makes your brand inviting. Plus, it’s a form of mobile advertising that you can put into action 24 hours a day, seven days a week! From a simple vinyl wrap to a change of body style, the MINI is a budget-friendly marketing tool. You can adapt the car to suit almost any idea that you’ve got in mind for your branding exercise! I hope you have enjoyed reading today’s blog post and have found it useful. See you soon!]]>

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