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If you Have to Work from Home, do it Properly!

I can’t work from home there’s too many distractions, I think I’d end up cuddling Dorothy all day and cutting grass so I can only share with you my thoughts on the matter, but I’ve been asked personally how would I set up a home office. You will need to decide what makes the perfect home office for you. But, here’s a good start point. BTW I love this mug! My present from my girls on Fathers day. What a surprise and even better when full of coffee 🙂 640px-home_sweet_studio Choose Wisely First things first, you need to secure a room or area of the home to convert into your office. It was easy in our old house as I had a study/man cave. If there’s a spare room in the home, this would be perfect for you to use. Otherwise, you’re going to have to get creative and set aside an area of the home for your workspace. If you already have a man cave at home, then you may need to double this up as your office too. Of course, this is going to make my next point a little bit trickier. Lots of Baby Distractions Remove Distractions Okay, I know I suggested you may need to double up in your man cave, but you also need to remove distractions. It’s important to remember that your home office needs to be a professional working environment. But, it’s going to be a lot easier to become distracted when you work from home. And there is temptation around every corner. If you struggle with distractions, then you’re not alone. Dress like you were going to the office and resist the urge to watch TV, go on Facebook, or boot up Netflix to carry on with House of Cards. Use a timer program on your computer to find out exactly how many hours you’ve worked. Essential Tea Drinking Mug Be Prepared! Of course, you also need to make this a work-friendly zone by introducing tech and gadgets you’ll need. There will be things in the office that you won’t have immediately in your home office. And that’s why I like to make a list of these things, and then go out and buy them. Makersify, and companies like them, stock a lot of stuff you might find useful. You’re going to need plenty of power sockets, wireless devices, a printer, and awesome Wi-Fi. There are a lot of bits and pieces you’ll find very useful online that will help you create the best possible home office. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have all the right gear, and to make sure your office runs as it would in the workplace. Setting up a home office is crucial to keep working from home more professional. You need to get ahead at work and my old post shows you how to improve your productivity. Just make sure, if you’re going to do it, you do it right! and remember! It’s your job to work hard so put the xbox controller down :)]]>

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