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Using Another Language to Get a Job

Working in the recruitment industry, there seems to be candidates that are so eager to get into work and those that really struggle to get up in the morning. There are those that no matter how hard they try, they just can’t seem to land a job. There’s no shortage of interviews, but they always fall at the last hurdle. Sometimes, all you need is something to give you a little push. An extra string to your bow that gives you an edge over the competition. My question to those people is this. English is one of the most desired languages in the world. Could you benefit somehow from speaking it! Just imagine if you could speak another language in basic form and the opportunities that would be created oversees. It would open up so many new opportunities. The number of suitable jobs on offer increases immediately. Think about it; you can apply for the same job you’re already looking for and combine the love of travel. I’ve suggested a few potential roles here: 15202436999_ae09f799af_z

Language Teacher

An obvious job could be to become a language teacher. This is excellent for people that already have a teaching degree and are struggling for work. Schools are always looking for language teachers, as language subjects are popular. It’s especially useful in a school that offers language classes out of school hours. By hiring you, they get a teacher that can teach during normal school hours and double up as a language tutor. Like I said, it gives you another string to your bow, and you can get ahead of the competition.


There are lots of proofreading jobs out there in various industries. I wish I had one sometimes 🙂 If you know a different language, you can try your hand at lots of language editing jobs like this. Proofread things that are in different languages. Companies will be keen to hire you, particularly if they do a lot of business with foreign organisations.


Perhaps the most obvious job that comes to mind is a translator. Language translators are important for so many reasons. You can find these jobs across almost every industry. I like this career idea, as it can lead you to do some pretty cool things. Imagine you become a translator for a professional sports team? They often have foreign players conducting interviews in need of a translator to convey their thoughts in English. Or, you could work for a business and travel all over the world being a translator in top secret meetings. It’s an exciting job, and well worth the effort of learning new languages. If you’re having trouble finding work, this could be a solution to the problem. In fact, why don’t you go one step further and learn multiple languages? Truthfully, the more languages you know, the better your job prospects are oversees. With each additional language, a new door opens for you.   Just imagine, you could be the one venturing across the globe working in amazing locations and creating memories to share.]]>

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