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Part Time for Stay at Home Dads

Do you need to make a living for you and your family, but are not able to take on full-time work. Find the balance and get a part-time job. There are plenty out there. Music Teacher You’re your own boss, so you control the days and the hours you work. If you know how to play an instrument and feel like you can offer a good service, then there’s nothing stopping you. Web Designer Are you good with technology and find yourself to be a creative person? Then you may be able to use both of these attributes to build or redesign websites. Dentist You can’t teach yourself to be a dentist, but if you’ve already gone to school for it then this is a great job to do part-time because it pays really well! Supply Teacher You are only needed when the main teacher is not able to be at work. Simply Education helps you find the perfect job for you. This means that you have time to focus on your other responsibilities, but when you get a call that a teacher can’t make it in, you go and cover for them. Image from pexels House Painter Anyone can be a house painter as long as you have an eye for detail and a steady hand. Look online to learn certain techniques if you don’t know them already. You can either pose as a freelancer or apply to agencies. Photographer Do you have a passion for photography and want to start earning money for it? Make sure you do all you can to put yourself out there, and build a portfolio! The more people that know you – the better, as that’s how you’ll book yourself jobs. Writer There are all sorts of writing jobs from data entry, copywriting and content writing. If you like to write and think you have the creativity and ability to keep up with deadlines, then this is for you. You can do this in an office, or even from the comfort of your own home, as long as you have your own computer with a strong internet connection. Sales Assistant You’re there to assist customers and make sure their shopping experience is enjoyable enough to come back again. A sales assistant helps create repeat business which in turn, generates money for the business. Bartender This is a great job if you enjoy socialising and mixing drinks. It’s important to have fantastic communication and interpersonal skills as you will be meeting new people every day. Caregiver If you are a kind individual that likes to help and care for others, then being a caregiver is where to start. You work for an agency, and they will ask you when you want work (whether it be just the weekends, or a few days every week), and then they pair you with someone who is in need of a carer. Although having a car would make this job easier as you will be travelling to different houses, it is not essential.]]>

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