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Looking for a Job that fits around your Childcare

Finding work is difficult at the best of times but when you’re a parent with young children may sound like a bit of a lost cause. You have a child that is requiring all of your attention, and rightly so! Looking after your young child is a job in itself, so why would you even entertain the idea of starting a new career at this point in time? It’s a very stressful time for all so as I work in recruitment, I thought I’d bring up a couple of ideas which can accommodate both: Become a Self-employed… …anything! Working for yourself is awesome if you can get it. And getting it isn’t the hard part! To be really successful in running your own business requires tenacity, skill and a little bit of luck. If you decide to go down the route of opening your own business, or working from home, bear in mind that it isn’t just setting your own hours and working just for two hours a day. It is much later on! But at the start, you have to put the hours in. It isn’t all doom and gloom, though. Working from home with your children in the house means that you are physically spending time with them. That is a lot more than parents who get up before their child does and head to the office for 10 hours and come back late, too tired to spend any quality time with their kids. At least with working from home, even if your tasks are intensified, you can still spend your lunch break with them! Work In Security Working nights is not the most seductive of job perks. But if you work while your kids are asleep, then you can spend some time with them when you get home. When they are that bit older, you can sleep while they are in school, and head to work when they head to bed. They are none the wiser, and you are almost a full-time parent! Having spent years in the security industry, night work while having a higher risk, is generally cups of tea and keeping yourself entertained. Hallmark Security is one of many security firms that offer regular shifts as a security guard. Virtual Assistant A virtual assistant is another job that you can do from home and is generally part-time hours. So you can build it around the needs of your children. Typically it involves doing administrative tasks for a client. The great thing about the job is that contact with your superior is limited. They will give you a duty and expect you to do it. Contact will be made via an email generally, so you don’t need to be listening out for your phone over your baby crying! These are just three ideas that I could think of to highlight the various options available to you. There are so many avenues you can look at so if you’re looking for any advice or guidance, get in contact.]]>

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