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Effective Interview Techniques to Nail that Job

If you’ve failed to win a new career position or get chosen for that dream interview, you might think it’s just bad luck. It’s easy to approach the situation this way because that means it isn’t your fault. In reality, it probably is, and there are a few things that can go wrong. But, if you know what they are, you’ll be able to avoid them next time. No Confidence It’s possible that you just didn’t display any confidence for the position that you were going after. Remember, employers are looking for someone that can take charge and work on their own initiative. You can show that you are confident with a strong handshake and presenting your ideas for the job in question. Do this, and you’ll have the employer desperate to hire you. Off On A Tangent Don’t make the mistake of answering questions in your interview that they haven’t asked. It’s quite common for people to head off on a tangent. They know they don’t have the answers to the actual interview questions, so they ask their own. If you do this, you’re just showing that you don’t listen and you weren’t prepared. A CV That Doesn’t Impress Of course, it’s possible you were cancelled out of the equation before you even had an interview. If that happens, it will be due to a problem on your CV. The infographic below highlights some of the mistakes people make on CVs. Have you fallen into one of these traps? Infographic Design By Purple CV]]>

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