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A Job for the Future

Working in Recruitment I get asked a lot about what’s the next big industry where should I train? One of my best friends recently retrained and talking to him one of the biggest questions was will those skills still be needed in five, ten or even twenty years. While you can’t predict the future exactly, you can study markets to see how they are developing. Choosing a career in a growing industry can be a great strategy if you want to ensure better job security. If you’re looking at going to college or retraining, you might want to look at which fields will have most jobs in the next few years. Have a look at these areas that are worth considering. Medicine The field of medicine certainly isn’t a new one, although it is developing all the time. It’s one of the areas where you can almost always find a job, although sometimes you may have to travel to find it. If you’re a nurse, doctor or dentist, you can often go abroad to find some excellent job opportunities. For example, you might find your job title on the list for Australia’s point-based system. There are hundreds of different jobs in the field, which in the UK can be with the NHS or private companies. Some medical professions take much longer than others to train for but it’s unlikely that the jobs will go anywhere in the meantime. Mobile Industry Everything is going mobile these days, so jobs that cater to that are on the rise. The tech industry, in general, is a great place to look to if you’re considering a new career. But you might want to consider anything mobile-related, in particular. People increasingly use smartphones and tablets for daily tasks, instead of desktop and laptop computers. You can consider a career in app development or mobile website design as two ways to profit from this sector. There are many other tech jobs that could be excellent choices, such as software developer. Market Research As people use the internet and mobile devices more and more to do things, businesses want to understand their behaviour. That’s where market research analysts come in, taking a look at the hard data to interpret it. They can study consumer habits and turn their observations into useful actions that brands can use. The information that a market research analyst collects could be used to improve customer service, design product packaging, market to consumers, and much more. Education Education, like medicine, is another field that will always need to recruit people. Like medicine, it could also offer you job opportunities around the world, if you’re prepared to look for them. Schools always need teachers, but there is also a range of other positions that you can consider. Teaching assistants, including those who help children with special needs, are essential in the classroom too. Roles such as pastoral care can be just as important as well. And career progression offers senior positions within schools, from department heads to headteachers. If you’re thinking about a career change, do your research first. Finding out where the jobs are could help you make a choice.]]>

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